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9.5 months old weight and height
What is average height and weight of a 9.5 month old. You always hear from others, oh he is so big. what is...More
Posted by Anon_38786
10 month old uninsured with 102 fever for 2 or mor...
We have a 10 month old uninsured who has been having a 102ish fever for a few days. We had been blaming...More
Posted by PapaHoagland
Anyone else's baby not crawling???
So my little guys is 9 months old. And he just refuses to crawl we try everything putting toys out of reach...More
Posted by wmatto83
104.3 fever-3year old
My son is 3 years old and has a double ear infection. He's on meds for it but just woke up with a...More
Posted by Mommyof2booyyss
my 10month old isnt taking a bottle
my 10month old has been really fussy here for about two weeks thats not like her shes a very happy calm...More
Posted by An_243804
My son is 9 months. He has been on solids for a long time. He eats just about everything that we eat. He is...More
Posted by jminer333
What and How much to eat?
My 9 month old has always been a good eater! However, I make my own baby food, and I need some advice on what...More
Posted by sarmille
9 months already!
My little guy just turned 9 months on Friday. Mason is my second DS and his older brother is 2 1/2. These 9...More
Posted by sdadkin
New dad who needs help please
My girlfriend and I have a 9mo old who was born at 31 weeks. She nurses him 3-6 times a day which is something...More
Posted by newdad71
Moving up!
My LO is turning 1 on Monday! So we will be moving to the 1yr old community soon! Can't believe she is...More
Posted by RoseLynn02
10 month old with a cold, ear infection and now di...
Last Thursday my little guy had a fever of 103, then started to get a cold. Bad cough, runny nose, sneezing,...More
- Bri (24), Jarrod (28), Emery (June 15, 2009)
Posted by bgabert
my son fell down the stairs
my son just fell down the stairs. hes going to be 1next month. he weighs about 25lbs and wears size...More
Posted by An_240877
my son fell down the stairs
my son just fell down the stairs. hes going to be 1next month. he weighs about 25lbs and wears size...More
Posted by An_240877
I took my nine month old son for his well baby check-up and the doctor checked his iron and hemoglobin....More
Posted by baileysmom14
My 11 month old has swollen cheek
My 11 month old is teething right now, and one cheek is swollen right now. Has anyone else ever noticed...More
Posted by jruschau_29
My 12 month old won't stop coughing
My daughter is 1 year old and just got her flu shot. The doctor had checked to make sure she isn't sick...More
Posted by FloraGarrihy
9 month old advice on milestones
Hi my daughter is 8 months and will be 9 months on Oct 12th. I had taken her to the doctor this past monday...More
Posted by mamaPof2
My 12 month son has some sort of little bumps all over his legs and just on his legs. They look a little like...More
Posted by emilyh89
Baby BMI
When should I start to worry about my baby's BMI. He is getting close to 1year old. I am really worried.
Posted by Newdaddytoo
my baby just woke up
my baby just woke up crying because he was jumping in his sleep he is 11 months old and I had just fallen...More
Posted by nenebabelee
weaning from bottle to sippy cup
My baby will be 11 months in two weeks....when should we go to a cup? I've tried a sippy cup a few times and he...More
Posted by danajen
9 mth old won't sleep in her crip anymore...HELP!
My 9 month old daughter up until a week ago slept great in her crib all night. Last week she came down...More
Posted by TiredDaddy17
11 month old that won't sleep all night
I can't get my 11 month old girl to sleep all night. She wakes up every hour to 2 hours wanting her bottle....More
Posted by trinababi
11 month old with a 101.6 fever
My son will be 1 in 2 weeks. He acted fine all day other than being more tired than normal when all of a sudden...More
Posted by kwil09
where can i find info on hernias in nine month old...
my grandson has a hatial hernia right above his privates , i have to call a surgeon on Monday the 6...More
Posted by mslonelyangel1008
Is 10 months old too old to start sleep training??...
I have a 10 months old son who (generally) sleeps pretty good, but he has these random stages where he...More
Posted by lillygirl831
Unexplainable Fever - 10 Month Old - Off/On - Only...
My 10 month old son has had an unexplainable mild fever off on for months. The strange thing is, this fever...More
Posted by silicuda
11 month old
My 11 month old has decided she only wants to drink formula. No solids except for treats such as yogurt bites...More
Posted by jaysho35
Vomiting and Teething related?
My 10 month old who does not have any teeth started vomiting yesterday in the morning and in the evening. It...More
Posted by An_222288
When am I supposed to start my period on L'oestra ...
I need some advice. I am on the last week of my second month using these BCP. When do you get your period on...More
Posted by An_222287

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