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my baby just woke up
my baby just woke up crying because he was jumping in his sleep he is 11 months old and I had just fallen...More
Posted by nenebabelee
weaning from bottle to sippy cup
My baby will be 11 months in two weeks....when should we go to a cup? I've tried a sippy cup a few times and he...More
Posted by danajen
9 mth old won't sleep in her crip anymore...HELP!
My 9 month old daughter up until a week ago slept great in her crib all night. Last week she came down...More
Posted by TiredDaddy17
11 month old that won't sleep all night
I can't get my 11 month old girl to sleep all night. She wakes up every hour to 2 hours wanting her bottle....More
Posted by trinababi
11 month old with a 101.6 fever
My son will be 1 in 2 weeks. He acted fine all day other than being more tired than normal when all of a sudden...More
Posted by kwil09
where can i find info on hernias in nine month old...
my grandson has a hatial hernia right above his privates , i have to call a surgeon on Monday the 6...More
Posted by mslonelyangel1008
Is 10 months old too old to start sleep training??...
I have a 10 months old son who (generally) sleeps pretty good, but he has these random stages where he...More
Posted by lillygirl831
Unexplainable Fever - 10 Month Old - Off/On - Only...
My 10 month old son has had an unexplainable mild fever off on for months. The strange thing is, this fever...More
Posted by silicuda
11 month old
My 11 month old has decided she only wants to drink formula. No solids except for treats such as yogurt bites...More
Posted by jaysho35
Vomiting and Teething related?
My 10 month old who does not have any teeth started vomiting yesterday in the morning and in the evening. It...More
Posted by An_222288
When am I supposed to start my period on L'oestra ...
I need some advice. I am on the last week of my second month using these BCP. When do you get your period on...More
Posted by An_222287
My son's skin on his arms and legs is like a purple webbing. usually he walks around like a champ, but he is...More
Posted by jpoppell
My 10 month old has had fever for 3 days..
It has just been a low-grade fever but its been 3 days. so I give him tylenol when he needs it, but he...More
Posted by BabyJax10
WebMD's Raising Fit Kids Health Center is Online!
WebMD's Raising Fit Kids Health Center is Online!Have you been to the new Raising Fit Kids Health...More
Posted by Chris_WebMD_Staff
my son wont eat
my 11 month old boy. started not eating for but he will take bottles.
Posted by An_222286
10 month old and night sweats since birth
My 10 month old only sweats at night when he sleeps. I don't know why but he does. Its not what he wears...More
Posted by An_222285
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
Ahhhh Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Even First Lady MIchelle Obama is celebrating with NEA's Read...More
Posted by Chris_WebMD_Staff
Head Growth
My daughter is just now 9 months old. Her head did not grow from 4-6 month check ups. She went this week...More
Posted by Samantha_77
Picky eater! Help!
I have a year old girl, she doesn't have any teeth yet. And she won't eat baby food at all. She won't eat...More
Posted by alwayssmile
My 10 month old baby's activities have come down
I have a 10 month old baby, born on April 6, 2010. She was doing well, sitting, eating well, rolling, playing...More
Posted by An_222283
? about my 9-month old
Hello All, I'm trying not to let growth charts discourage me, however my son is 9 months and he weighs 17...More
Posted by jus4shiron
Heart Awareness Month
Wanted to share this great post with you! Who will you wear red for? More
Posted by Chris_WebMD_Staff
what would make my son only vomit at night time ? he is fine all day long but he cant keep anything down at...More
Posted by stanmuncy
Bottle use
What age is appropriate for a child to stop using a bottle? What are some methods to use in order to ween a child...More
Posted by mav07
Parenting Guest Expert
Happy Thursday! I wanted to let everyone know that our WebMD Parenting Guest Expert Tanya...More
Posted by Chris_WebMD_Staff
Weird question...
I know this may seem like a weird one but just because kids get the chicken pox vaccine doesnt mean that...More
Posted by airjeremal
Cookie Swap: Round Two!
Hello Mommies! Follow the link to this week's Cookie Swap! This week WebMD wants your party...More
Posted by Chris_WebMD_Staff
Don't miss the Cookie Swap!
Join us and share your recipes here on our Food and Cooking Community. We'd love to see you there...More
Posted by Chris_WebMD_Staff
My DS just is now 11 months 2 weeks. He still hasn't crawled with his belly off the floor. He does seem to want...More
Posted by Ames624

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Sarah 29yo, DH 34yo. DD 10mo. DD is a 'bi-lateral varicocele repair, first round clomid' baby. Took us 18mo to concieve her....but she was wo...More

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