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*Millions of Fisher Price/Mattel products recalled...
Please look at the updated recall list which was updated 09/30 Toys, Trikes,...More
Similac Recall
Similac Infant Formula Recalled by the Millions. More
Health Care Reform: You Questions Answered
Do you have questions about the new health care reform changes that will apply to...More
Salmonella Outbreaks Nationwide Recall
Salmonella Outbreaks Nationwide Recall Aug. 17, 2010 -- Eggs are behind a...More
19 kids and counting!
Hi all, Might be too soon in your babies lives to ask you this, but I have read...More
Don't Miss WebMD the Magazine!
Please join editor Colleen Paretty on the WebMD the Magazine community for...More
Choosing a Pediatrician, What Matters?
Great post here on our Parenting Community, What matters most in choosing a...More
What's Your Biggest Health Care Challenge?
What is the biggest challenge you face in providing health care for your family? ...More
What happened to Dick and Jane?
Thought a poll would be fun, maybe spark some chatter too! Celebrities have been...More

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What do you think of celebrities who give their baby's unusual names, like Apple or Zuma?
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  • It's cruel to the children who have to grow up with these names
  • It doesn't matter. A name doesn't define who a person is.
  • It makes them individuals from the start!
  • I love it!
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It has slowed down, makes me sad too! Maybe we should do a lunch time poll or...More