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Reply: 1st Birthday
It is hard to believe, isn't it? I got lots of video but no still pictures, hopefully I can...More
Posted by seeit2
Reply: Speech eval update
Hey Laney - are you on Facebook? Do you post to the other mommy group?
Posted by seeit2
Reply: My 10 month old won't sleep
Stuff her with food during the day so she is not hungry at night. That's what works for us...More
Posted by seeit2
Reply: Poll:Breast feeding
There's no right or wrong number, as long as baby is growing well then I think what works...More
Posted by seeit2
Reply: 11 Month Old is Frequently Vomiting
My daughter vomited like that until she was 10 months old...we gave her yogurt one day and...More
Posted by seeit2
Speech eval update
I had my now - 11 month old formally evaluated yesterday for speech therapy. He is only...More
Posted by seeit2
WHy did I buy toys?
DS is having fun exploring the kitchen these days. His favorite toys are an empty water jug,...More
Posted by seeit2
Reply: 19 kids and counting!
I could never do it. Admit it, girls, Michelle Duggar must be totally beat. Physically, I...More
Posted by seeit2
Speech therapy screening
Hi all. Moving up from the 6-9 boards, if there is anyone here who posts regularly. I had a...More
Posted by seeit2
New food allergy exchange
If anyone is living with food allergies or has a loved one who is, please join us here! ...More
Posted by seeit2