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Reply: Need some advice for a friend
Hi Chey_Low32, I see this message is 2 years old and thought of checking to hear from you on how your...More
Posted by undefined
Noise and Autism
Hi my name is Duane.My girlfriend has a 13 year old son who has Autism.He watches t.v. on full blast...More
Posted by pomonabone
Reply: How to control over excitement?
It sounds to me that the acoustics in those environments may be causing your son more disorganization. I am...More
Posted by pmw68
Obtaining Social Security
I have an adult 32 year old son with high functioning autism and crohns disease. His crohns is presently...More
Posted by An_262846
Discipline?? Please help.
My 4 yr. old son Logan is on the mild spectrum. Verbal. has been having some serious trouble at school. Everyday...More
Posted by bohoma
Reply: Finding Out
pmw68 you are awesome. I wish I would have had this knowledge before like most parents I had to learn as...More
Posted by mom4adhdautism
Reply: Parents; please help
My son who has autism carries multiple toys sometimes not all the time. He tries to take them to school...More
Posted by mom4adhdautism
My son has autism/non verbal and I can't tell what...
My 5 year old son is non verbal and complaining about his stomach hurting and is salivating excessively....More
Posted by mom4adhdautism
Reply: Availability of Autism Support Services
I wish I had printed the survey before I submitted it. Any way to get a copy of it??
Posted by carolynlsp
Reply: need help understanding
Hi MummaKaren, The short answer to your question is, it depends on what you are concerned about? Are you...More
Posted by pmw68
William Paterson Univ. Researchers seek Parents of...
My colleagues and I are conducting a survey study looking at factors (e.g., conception methods,...More
Posted by WPUSpeech
William Paterson Univ. Researchers seek Parents of...
My colleagues and I are conducting a survey study looking at factors (e.g., conception methods,...More
Posted by WPUSpeech
Reply: recently Diagnosed aspergers
Dear Yitzzy, Your daughter has the "classic" (though I hate to use that word since each child is expressly...More
Posted by pmw68
Parent Survey-Research Study
Survey for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Please follow the link below to direct you...More
Posted by LTritschler
Aitism and Art
My 13 year old daughter has Autism and Art has been a wonderful outlet for her. It allows her to express...More
Posted by Lorna_Maria
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Parent Volunteers Needed for Graduate Research Pro...
Hello, My name is Chad Walters and I am a graduate student of Nursing at DePaul University. For my project I...More
Posted by Cwalt2682
Reply: Autism Testing?
Thanks so much. It is frustrating. But you've actually given me a bit of hope hearing about your older son....More
Posted by TyleeteB
Asbergers in adults
Hi, I have a 20 year old son with Asbergers in college and is doing very well in all areas, but my problem...More
Posted by An_240494
Moms (or caregivers) of ASD children
After a week of winter break and feeling like I failed the sane mother's test, I read this posting by MOM-Not...More
Posted by pmw68

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Info on special education law and parent advocacy
This is a great reference for creating and IEP, monitoring measurement practices (goals), and your child's rights...More
Posted by pmw68
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Reply: Help son soon to be going through puberty!
I wish I did...I'm not there yet, but I am interested in what you find out. Do you notice that your son's...More
Posted by pmw68
Reply: autsim tanrums
I was there a long time ago.Sometimes,depending on where you to ignore them.Then when he calms...More
Posted by momsbabyboy
Reply: Asperger's and schedules
The picture schedule is a GREAT idea, and works wonderfully! My wife and I will usually go over my daughter's...More
Posted by KTsDaddy
I am divorced and have a little girl with PDD
I am having problems with my ex-husband when it comes to my daughter. My oldest daughter has to comforter and...More
Posted by jesture
New Private School in Manhattan for children with ...
The remarkable staff at Aaron Academy is prepared to teach these students essential core subjects in an...More
Posted by AaronAcademy
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my son was just diagnosed with pdd
My seven year old son was just diagnosed with pdd and i no nothing about autism i need help please. what does it...More
Posted by Kaetee
Grants in Connecticut and beyond
Here is an article on a list of grants available to families, primarily in the state of Connecticut. A couple of...More
Posted by pmw68
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Reply: Home Help for Asperger's
There are many techniques that are used in social skills. Role playing is among the most widely used. Since our...More
Posted by pmw68
Reply: How to bring up the subject with family
Do you think you could have a heart to heart with your brother? It is a touchy subject because no one wants to...More
Posted by pmw68
Connecticut - Parent Advocacy Resource
Have a question about services or your IEP? Email or call the Connecticut parent advocacy center. Everytime I've...More
Posted by pmw68
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