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Reply: Need some advice for a friend
Hello chey_low32, What a wonderful friend you are. First and foremost, please keep...More
Posted by pmw68
Reply: need help understanding
Hi MummaKaren, The short answer to your question is, it depends on what you are concerned...More
Posted by pmw68
Reply: recently Diagnosed aspergers
Dear Yitzzy, Your daughter has the "classic" (though I hate to use that word since each...More
Posted by pmw68
Reply: Finding Out
Dear Finding Out, I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner. I see that WebMD finally allows a...More
Posted by pmw68
Moms (or caregivers) of ASD children
After a week of winter break and feeling like I failed the sane mother's test, I read this...More
Posted by pmw68

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Reply: Help son soon to be going through puberty!
I wish I did...I'm not there yet, but I am interested in what you find out. Do you notice...More
Posted by pmw68
Reply: autsim tanrums
Hi Helen, Do you have your son in a birth to three program? Usually, you can request a...More
Posted by pmw68
Reply: Home Help for Asperger's
There are many techniques that are used in social skills. Role playing is among the most...More
Posted by pmw68
Reply: How to bring up the subject with family
Do you think you could have a heart to heart with your brother? It is a touchy subject...More
Posted by pmw68
Autism Awareness??
For the month of April, I have begun fundraising efforts for our walk for autism coming up in...More
Posted by pmw68

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