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My 8 year old soon to be 9 in a month has her peri...
My 8yr old just got her period less than an hour ago, and I am really trying to keep my cool. I swore she was...More
Posted by Beyond619
childs coughing
I have an eight yr. old grandaughter that comes to visit me a lot from California, to Florida. When she is...More
Posted by An_244970
Children that have Panic Attacks
My daughter is 8 years old, and within the past year we have noticed that she has had episodes of panic...More
Posted by Trista173
I just wanted to let you know we are still thinking about you and your family in this difficult time. ...More
Emily (6) Elizabeth (5)
Posted by mrswhitecastle
afraid of curly hair
Hello, My 6 year old son is afraid of curly hair. At first I thought it was he just didn't like it, because...More
Posted by sarahogan
8 year old out of control
My daughter is 8 years old. Her father and I have 3 children together with her being the oldest. Her and her...More
Posted by An_244649
I am amazed at how well Emily can read! I know I was older before I could read as well as she does. I...More
Emily (6) Elizabeth (5)
Posted by mrswhitecastle
The homework fight
What do you do when your child fights homework like the dickens? Jared is a smart kid, and does most...More
Posted by peachyisthelife
Seems like I remember you saying you go to Chattanooga sometimes, is that correct? We're going for a...More
Posted by peachyisthelife
Oopsie, missed the boat but here I am :)
I kept forgetting to look for this group! Looks like some people jumped over from the 4-5 group. Jared...More
Posted by peachyisthelife
MrsW - Swimming
Has your trainer gotten you into the pool? I have been swimming roughly 4 days a week for a half hour. Adding...More
Posted by iocasta
It is full blown spring in my garden and I want to be there to enjoy it. I went over to the house yesterday to...More
Posted by iocasta
Pedi Appt
For those with more than one child, do you have one that just seems "sicklier" than the other? I swear,...More
Emily (6) Elizabeth (5)
Posted by mrswhitecastle
How are you feeling?
Posted by iocasta
Jump in Maturity
I'm seeing the gap in maturity levels between Emily and Elizabeth widen recently. Emily wants to be more...More
Emily (6) Elizabeth (5)
Posted by mrswhitecastle
Wanting more independance?
DD1 is almost 9.5 and recently began asking for more household responsibilities in hopes of gaining more...More
Posted by kc_94920
help I'm going crazy
My daughter is 6yrs old and every day she is being sent home from school for peeing her pants. the school...More
Posted by mferrier
I need help
my daughter is 6 and she is being sent home every day from school from peeing. they say her pee is stinking....More
Posted by mferrier
Homework - we need some help!!
Hello! I have a nine year old 3rd grader, and we need some homework help! I personally think the amount of...More
Posted by laura2910
Homework - we need some help!!
Hello! I have a nine year old 3rd grader, and we need some homework help! I personally think the amount of...More
Posted by laura2910
need advice on how to disipline a 6yr old who has ...
ok im haveing trouble disipling one of my friends 6yr old. i occasionally watch him from time to time...More
Posted by lizziefontanna23
Hello all! I think it's time to move over here for Emily. She will be 7 next month, so I think it's...More
Posted by mrswhitecastle
Single Dad, two young girls.... help
I am dating a guy who has two young girls 5 and 7. I have older teenagers. In the mornings he either wakes his...More
Posted by chell70
Body curiosity among children
Hi everyone I'm hoping some of you can help me. I have 4 sons, 11, twins 6 and the youngest is 5. My twins...More
Posted by NHTiffany
My step son wont eat food
I have a step son. He really is a very sweet boy but my instincts are telling me that there is a problem ...More
Posted by DaisyBreeze
Hello everyone
I am new to this particular board. I have recently gotten custody of my 7 year old nephew from my husband...More
Posted by Lopersgrl
hands on,
My daughter is 6 years old and im 26 (dad), we get along great, we have our own niknames, our own games,...More
Posted by forthem9634
Im not sure how this works but uh, my daughter is 6yrs old, and her doctor says shes add and adhd, and i...More
Posted by forthem9634
We moved up to this board
My DS turned 6 a week ago, so here we are on this board now. More
Posted by sarahogan
Ready to pull my hair out!
I have a 7 and 5 y/o. My oldest is in first grade and my youngest is in pre-school. The past year the behavior...More
Posted by kd72784

Spotlight: Member Stories

I have been on this board about 3 years. DH and I have one DS, my miracle baby born when I was in my mid-40s. I had a post-partum DVT 2 weeks after hi...More

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Cut the School Morning Rush
Rushing my kids comes to no good end. They get slower. Things get forgotten. The more we rush-the later and more stressed the morning ... More
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