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Reply: Wanting more independance?
Trust me, I was having major anxiety just typing that out. I've always invisioned 12 or...More
Posted by kc_94920
Wanting more independance?
DD1 is almost 9.5 and recently began asking for more household responsibilities in hopes...More
Posted by kc_94920
Reply: Kindergartener wont stop crying everyday when I d...
Drop and go with a kiss and a wave. Chances are you'll have less drama.
Posted by kc_94920
Reply: how to end your kid's friendship with another fami...
I wouldn't tell your kids they can't be friends anymore, especially since the friends...More
Posted by kc_94920
Camera suggestion?
DD1 has asked for a "real" camera for Christmas this year and I'm wondering if any of you...More
Posted by kc_94920
Reply: Community Discussion: Circumcision Possible Illega...
We live minutes from San Francisco so this is a well known topic of conversation around...More
Posted by kc_94920
Reply: New Harry Potter -- Will you take your kids?
My oldest has only just turned 8 so no, we won't be taking her to the theater to see this...More
Posted by kc_94920
Reply: Does your child clean his room?
Of course they do, and they always have. My just turned 8 year old and my 5.5 year old...More
Posted by kc_94920
Just curious what everyone thinks about sleepovers? Has your child started having them, if...More
Posted by kc_94920
Reply: Monday's updates for 09/27
Hey there stranger! I miss the old crew too and keep hoping they'll magically reappear one...More
Posted by kc_94920