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My partner and I have six children-the oldest three are grown up and on their own. The younger three are 16, 14, and 11. My 74 yo mother lives with us and I provide full-time care for her as well.

I have been an online community moderator since 1996, the last several years here at WebMD. I have a passion for health issues-particularly ones related to women, children, nutrition, diet and health.

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Reply: 8 y.o. odd behavior
What an interesting question. Can you ask it on the Parenting Exchange too. I...More
Reply: So Long and Welcome!
Thanks. You will still see me on the Teen board though. More
Reply: So Long and Welcome!
And if your children are toward the Tweens and Teens-you can find me over there.
So Long and Welcome!
As of tomorrow, you will have a new moderator on this exchange. I will be...More
Reply: LOUISE WebMD staff!
I am unable to email you-but you can email me at
You might want to try the ADHD and ADD Exchange for ideas as wellMore
Reply: Check In
Our weekend was very busy-especially Saturday. All of the kids have SOMETHING on...More
Check In
How did your weekend go? How did you spend it with your kids? How does the week...More
Reply: UGH-layoffs pending at our public schools.
They cut the visible stuff so people get angry. Look and you will see they very...More
Reply: School
That sounds wonderful. My son started school in a K-2 class but the teacher was...More