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Joined: 03/31/2014
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I have a DD who is now 19 (living at home - no job - no extra school(yet) - due to lack of transportation and living in a small town) She has had ADHD / Anxiety mood disorder/ and all of LBGT.

I have a son who's 10 1/2 has ADD/ADHD /SPD/ OCD He has head picking issues and hand washing from his OCD. Possibly other issues not diagnosed.

I LOVE my kids as much and more as the next parent. I am always seeking new ideas to deal with our issues. I am not big on hard discipline. I am very easily stressed and hope we can overcome our issues someday and live a calmer, happier, productive life. I also love talking and people and their life stories.

Myself: I have Probably ADHD (not diagnosed) Anxiety (pretty moderate) I have grown up sickly with lots of odd things. I am in my late 40's and have the ailments of most 70 y/o's. My 74 year old mother is healthier than i am. Stress has caused me to have gasteritis-Gurd-heart PVC's (i had to medicate) and Anxiety problems -back disk and nerve problems, along with lots of other things, including separation anxiety with my kids,. I try to stay positive but am a realist at heart. Not negative - just a realist!

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