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Reply: Not Immune to MMR, even though had Mumps & MMR Vac...
I've had the rubella vaccine 4 separate times and I too do not have titers. I've found out after having this...More
Posted by stormysky
Rubella Vaccine
I've had the rubella vaccine 4 separate times and I too do not have titers. I've found out after having this...More
Posted by stormysky
Includes Expert Content
toddler daughter rarely responds to her name.
Any tips on encouraging my daughter to respond when her name is called?
Posted by mjemm
Prolonged low grade fever in baby
My 7 month old baby has had a low grade fever for almost 2 weeks now. It started off high (103.4) and has...More
Posted by faropapa
my 6 year old woke up with her whole chin bruised
This morning I noticed my 6 year olds chin was bruised. She says she didn't do anything to it and it wasn't...More
Posted by kimr2002
Sleeping with Parents
We have found if we will get up and go lay down with them in their bed after time they feel comfortable in...More
Posted by scott83321
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Reply: 2 year old waking up at night.
This is going to take a lot of patience and follow through from both you and your husband. You need to be...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: 10 year old daughter ignores dad
Just because you are so sure nothing happen from you to make this quick and unknown change with your...More
Posted by tinaorfamily
Reply: 6 yr old with constant stomach pain.
Hello, thank you very much for your response and concern. She still feels the same today. We have an...More
Posted by emmasmomtoo
Reply: wrist movement
Hi. This post from a few years ago describes what I think is something similar to what you are referring...More
Posted by atti_editor
Teenage ADHD Issues
I've been very aware that my daughter, who has ADHD, also processes information differently than those...More
Posted by An_259936
Reply: My daughter has fibrile seizures and I'm terrified...
Hi, I am so sorry that your family is going through this. I hope that your daughter is doing well. You may...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: My child won't eat after "near choking" incident
How is your daughter now hun? My daughter is going through the same thing and im hoping this passes soon,
Posted by tina_deli
Reply: Nobody know what shot my daughter received
Give her the shots she needs. If there's no trace of what she's had you'll just have redo the shots to be sure...More
Posted by Anon_475
Hair doesn't grow
My granddaughter is also 6 years old and her thin, fine hair has still not passed her shoulders. She seems...More
Posted by An_259681
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Sudden Frequent Urination but No UTI or Diabetes?
Hi Roy, My son is 16 and I'm noticing him from last one year that he developed constant need to pee with a...More
Posted by An_259679
Reply: five year old burning urination
Please take her to the doctor. It could be a recurring UTI. This needs to be treated once and for all.
Posted by fcl
Adolescence Idiopathic Scoliosis
My daughter, age 13 has Idiopathic scoliosis at 45 deg curve. It was discovered during a sports physical. She...More
Posted by An_240812
Reply: Bringing Home the NEW WebMD Baby App!
I just had the same thing happen Is there a solution? Can I get it back somehow??More
Posted by tamaragill0423
Reply: Molluscum
Hi Trent89, Here is an overview of molluscum contagiosum that includes information on how long it...More
Posted by atti_editor
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Double Dose of MMR Vaccine
Hello Dr. Roy, I've been worried too since my daughter who is now 4yrs old was vaccinated MMR twice in a...More
Posted by pretty80evs
Reply: my 5 year old
My daughter did this the first week of Pre-K. She was very nervious about going to school and would get her self...More
Posted by SSheik
Would love to hear your ideas on how to do that, other than making them look at you .
Posted by SSheik
Reply: 9 year old daughter bit herself
That's good she is seeing a counselor - hopefully she is a good one who understands young children. Do you...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Febrile Seizures
This week my baby had her first seizures. She was 6 months and 2 days when it happened. She was perfectly...More
Posted by crystalbarton
MMR Vaccine
I am one of those that the vaccine does not work for. I had my babies in my 20's and before each one...More
Posted by labcitygurl
Hi, my daughter was recently diagnosed with CRMO. She is 7 years old and is not in any pain at this time....More
Posted by crmosau
Reply: Getting your children to listen to you
Right! Get their attention first.
Posted by beior44
Reply: how to get respect from my kids
yelling won't work I guess. Try other approach. It is hard to establish authority like your husband. Try to...More
Posted by beior44

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Help kids learn to swallow pillsExpert
I found this inexpensive but clever cup a few years ago, and it helped my kids learn to swallow pills without a fuss: ... More
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