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Soda Habit May Prompt Early Puberty
"Girls who consume a lot of sugary drinks may enter puberty earlier than girls who don't, Harvard...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: 5 year old with ADHD
Hi, How wonderful of you to step in and raise your Grandchildren - I'm sure it's not easy! In my opinion,...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Reply: Help I just swallowed a quarter
Hope you didn't go to the dr. yes it should just exit through your poop. More
Posted by beth2772
Many Parents Too Quick to Switch Child Car Seats
"Nearly three-quarters of American parents place their children in forward-facing car seats before it's...More
Posted by atti_editor
bedtime chaos
We need some real advice about getting 2.5 yo twins to bed. We have tried the usual, routines - jammies,...More
Posted by BWCAbound
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Help?! My 17 year old son's feet and hands turn br...
Hi, I do realize this is an old post, but on the off chance OP and subsequent responders may have turned up a...More
Posted by crazythat
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Reply: Hepatitis A double dose
The vaccine is a pregnancy category C - that means that insufficient tests have been carried out to rule out risks....More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Skew Foot
My daughter age 2 was just diagnosed with Skew foot. Following thread.
Posted by An_260940
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Not Immune to MMR, even though had Mumps & MMR Vac...
When my daughter was 3 she went to a pediatric oncologist because she was always sick and was unable to fight...More
Posted by mitasize
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Reply: Pain and crying while pooping
I don't see why no Dr mentioned this but my daughter has had the same problem since we switched her...More
Posted by dadswithdaughters
Reply: My child won't eat after "near choking" incident
My daughter who is 4 had a tortilla chip scare almost 2 weeks ago. She went 4 days without eating ads only...More
Posted by mskrista25
Reply: Rash on 1-1/2 yr old's face.
Does the rash seem to cause her any discomfort -- itching, etc? Is the rash scaly, red, or dry? More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Large difference in real age and Bone Age X-ray
Hello, I realize that this has been quite some time but I wonder if your son grew even a little more? We have...More
Posted by jandima
Does your child have a smartphone in his room at n...
New research suggests that smartphones and tablets in your child's room at night are worse than a TV fir...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Hair doesn't grow
Hi, I had a similar situation with my 5 1/2 year old daughter. Her hair very thin not growing just stopped...More
Posted by luvcoldplay
My 10 year old boy stopped sleeping in his bed
Hi We've been having serious falling asleep issues recently... Since this summer my 10 yr old boy can no...More
Posted by An_260739
Reply: Daughter smells like marijuana
My son is 8 and will have breath that smells like marijuana after he eats candy. We have been concerned...More
Posted by An_260735
Reply: My 6 year old is peeing in his room
Any info on why this is happening? My almost 6 year old has been doing this for a few months, he has peed on...More
Posted by An_260712
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Non-displaced frontal/pairetal skull fracture/ hem...
How is your daughter now? My son just fell and has done the same exact thing and I am worried sick although...More
Posted by An_260688
Reply: Sleep Myoclonus
Hello, I know this post is very old but was wondering how your daughter is doing now? My daughter is 18 months...More
Posted by sfmom66
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Sudden Frequent Urination but No UTI or Diabetes?
Bless you for posting these detailed messages. My 8 year old is a pee holder like her Mom (me). I don't do icky...More
Posted by tj005
Reply: 2 year old won't eat anyting solid
my 17 year old son with severe autism is going through the same thing as yours with the feeding tube....More
Posted by carolina_ghareh
Advice on 12 year old eating disorder
I am not sure what to do really and need some advice. I am concerned my 12 year old sister is developing a binge...More
Posted by jp133
Reply: Frequent urination
Fruity breath can be a sign of diabetes - please have him seen by a doctor as soon as possible.
Posted by fcl
Reply: my 6 year old woke up with her whole chin bruised
How is your daughter doing? Did you find out what was causing the bruising?
Posted by atti_editor
2 1/2 Year Old Son Diagnosed with Perthes Disease
My 2 year old son was just diagnosed with Perthes Disease. A couple months ago we had taken him to the hospital...More
Posted by dmvengo
Rubella Vaccine
I've had the rubella vaccine 4 separate times and I too do not have titers. I've found out after having this...More
Posted by stormysky
Includes Expert Content
toddler daughter rarely responds to her name.
Any tips on encouraging my daughter to respond when her name is called?
Posted by mjemm
Prolonged low grade fever in baby
My 7 month old baby has had a low grade fever for almost 2 weeks now. It started off high (103.4) and has...More
Posted by faropapa

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My Bf and my Son....
ok my bf tells me im a bad mother because I dont spank my son... but I wasnt raised like that so I dont think Im wrong... (My sons father ... More
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