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I am worried because my 6 year old daughter had her 1st MMR shot when she was 12 months old, then she was...More
Posted by aleiahfr14
My daughter does not eat her veggies. What is good way to get her to eat her veggies
Posted by An_264082
Double MMR/mmr-v vaccination at 12 mo checkup?
My doctors nurse gave my daughter vaccinations. She then called us back and said she had given the MMR-V...More
Posted by iipsepstar
My kid is reluctant to eat fruits
My kid is reluctant to eat fruits. she does not let other or myself eat. She does not even allow to do the...More
Posted by reems_sa
Slight Pain In Left Testicle When Touched
Since 5 yers ago, when i touched my left testicle in a certain spot it is slightly painful and sensitive but...More
Posted by sebasgom
Wen should my kids stip taking naps?
My 5 year old son is still taking naps, and he seems stressed if he dosen' get one. Should I continue to...More
Posted by An_263825
Guttate Psoriasis or something other
My son had a strep throat in March, finished all his meds but had spots that resembled ringworm. We wrestle...More
Posted by brad32bury
Frequent Urination, No UTI Nor Diabetes
My 13 year old son has been complaining that he has been going to the restroom a lot, so I took him to the...More
Posted by nancy132
5.5 year old belly aches??
For the past few months my son has complained about random belly aches, but then goes about his day with eating...More
Posted by lisalom
My 12 year old son went to a camp where there was lot of physical exercise during a heatwave in the 100's...More
Posted by scaredmommy
adults with mumps
Has Anyone had mumps as an adult? I had them when i was a young child, however I a friend who is a physician...More
Posted by jmtsb1331
Potty Training
Any helpful tips for potty training two year old?
Posted by kmom140849
short umbilical cord
I gave birth to my baby and she has a short umbilical cord. does anyone know why this happens? is it normal?
Posted by An_263270
I am a father of 3 kids ages 3 months, 4 and 2
Posted by wuzin2
Please Help: Poorly Behaved Kids
I'm a nanny for two girls who are 8 and 11. I love working with them and they're great kids. However,...More
Posted by pocket_monkey
She is twelve and she still has her baby blanket?
She was given a baby blanket when she was first born by her sister. It's small. She still carries it around...More
Posted by lauren9087
HELP! constant "accidents"
My step sons will be 4 soon, they are at our house 3 1/2 days a week (shared parenting). We have been having an...More
Posted by nreyn3
Just remember that every child is different and everyone grows at different rates. Go and see a GI doctor if...More
Posted by An_262922
My toddler keeps complaining about her tummy
Pretty randomly (but a lot lately) my toddler complains about her "tummy" hurting. Sometimes she'll wake up...More
Posted by gerekayla
Hello, I am Vicki. Married with two boys, 5 and 9. The 5 year old is still having pottying issues. I work...More
Posted by chdlcrdir
11yr old boy possibly with Perthes Disease in Nort...
Hi all. My son has all the symptoms and pain of this disease and his xrays are showing he probably has it...More
Posted by sesophie74
High fever in my 6yr old for 3 days straight with ...
3 weeks ago my son had an ear infection so his doctor put him on cefdinar. 2 weeks after he finished he had...More
Posted by An_262369
wanting to break DD of co-sleeping... help!!
So my DH brought our DD to our bed when she was about 7 months old, and now at 14 months I want to be able to...More
Posted by nreyn3
Antibiotic Cream Usage
Is there any antibiotic cream that is a good alternative to bactroban? I know there are other antibiotic...More
Posted by minor_threat
daughter's hands are shaky
Hi my almost 10 yr old daughters hands are shaky and she's been peeing alot and she is having trouble...More
Posted by An_262239
daughter peeing alot
Hi I'm new to web MD so hopefully I'm writing in the right place. My daughter is almost 10 and a few nights...More
Posted by An_262239

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Lavender Oil stopped Night Terros
My 10 year old son has suffered from night terrors for over 5 years now. Generally happens when he is sick, over tired or too hot in bed. ... More
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