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Pennis temperment of 8 years old boy
Dear Am father of 8 year old son, now and then his penis get temperament.. He feels very embarrassing...More
Posted by An_262037
Timing of losing baby teeth
I have heard that the longer it takes for a child to lose baby teeth, the healthier his permanent teeth are...More
Posted by An_261895
Unsure If My Daughter Has ADD/ADHD or SPD or OCD
My name is Denise and I have a 6-yr-old daughter in first grade who, for quite some time, has exhibited signs...More
Posted by dlawr1208
15 month old recieved a double dose of the MMR vac...
my wife just recieved a phone call from my 15 month olds doctor. he was notifying us, that our son had just...More
Posted by doublej317
13 Male vomiting, dirrhea, no fever.
I have a question. My 13 year old son is high functioning ASD ( autism spectrum) and has had a history of...More
Posted by jlynn75mo4
13 Male vomiting, dirrhea, no fever.
I have a question. My 13 year old son is high functioning ASD ( autism spectrum) and has had a history of...More
Posted by jlynn75mo4
Skew Foot
My son, who just turned 3, was diagnosed with bilateral club foot as a newborn. After only 2 series of casting...More
Posted by skeltac
Persistent low grade fever 99-99.6F in a 8 year ol...
Hi, My son ( 8 years ) has been feeling a little warm to touch for the last 2 months. His temporal artery...More
Posted by viv_ek
3 year old daughter with a bad attitude
Our 3 year old who has developed a bit of an attitude with my wife, her grandmother and myself. Also her bed...More
Posted by An_261540
Toe Walking 10 yr old son
My son has been toe walking since he started walking. We have had his feet casted, had braces made, been...More
Posted by childofgod8579
my 9 year old step son peeing on his bedroom floor...
I have a 9 year old that has been peeing all over for almost 2 years now.he will be 10 in may. We have...More
Posted by marywhitehead
my 2 years and half boy ,, i really need help
hi All, am a father of a 2 years and half boy, sometimes he have acts very bad attitude, every time i...More
Posted by animalovich
Son possibly has Herpes
Hi, So two years ago I was told to have Herpetic Whitlow. While on Vacation with my baby boy and family I begun...More
Posted by elli17
10 month old travelling
Hi, I live in UK and my child is 4 months old now. I will be relocating to India in couple of months. By...More
Posted by An_261320
Hand, foot and mouth disease
I have a grandson that has suffered from mouth sores, canker sores, for several years. It started when he and...More
Posted by mznglor
Double Dose of MMR shots
I was signing my son (4yrs) up for preschool, when they told me that per the immunization records, he is due...More
Posted by An_261248
Skew foot
I'll make a long story short our son was born with club foot, or so we thought. We put him in cast for a...More
Posted by An_261177
5 year old with ADHD
I am a mother of 5 and grandmother to 5. I am raising my 5 year old grandson and his 4 year old sister. 3 of...More
Posted by beth2772
Many Parents Too Quick to Switch Child Car Seats
"Nearly three-quarters of American parents place their children in forward-facing car seats before it's...More
Posted by atti_editor
bedtime chaos
We need some real advice about getting 2.5 yo twins to bed. We have tried the usual, routines - jammies,...More
Posted by BWCAbound
Rash on 1-1/2 yr old's face.
My toddler has a rach on her face near her mouth that flares up each time she eats or drinks. I'm thinking...More
Posted by An_260801
Does your child have a smartphone in his room at n...
New research suggests that smartphones and tablets in your child's room at night are worse than a TV fir...More
Posted by atti_editor
Help I just swallowed a quarter
Hi I'm 15 years old and and I just swallowed a quarter, don't ask how, I'm afraid it can do harm, so far I am...More
Posted by An_260741
My 10 year old boy stopped sleeping in his bed
Hi We've been having serious falling asleep issues recently... Since this summer my 10 yr old boy can no...More
Posted by An_260739
Advice on 12 year old eating disorder
I am not sure what to do really and need some advice. I am concerned my 12 year old sister is developing a binge...More
Posted by jp133
Frequent urination
Okay so my 2 year old son has been working on potty training and he has been doing really good. Well he has...More
Posted by amanda_noel
2 1/2 Year Old Son Diagnosed with Perthes Disease
My 2 year old son was just diagnosed with Perthes Disease. A couple months ago we had taken him to the hospital...More
Posted by dmvengo
Rubella Vaccine
I've had the rubella vaccine 4 separate times and I too do not have titers. I've found out after having this...More
Posted by stormysky
toddler daughter rarely responds to her name.
Any tips on encouraging my daughter to respond when her name is called?
Posted by mjemm
Prolonged low grade fever in baby
My 7 month old baby has had a low grade fever for almost 2 weeks now. It started off high (103.4) and has...More
Posted by faropapa

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