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Do you know a women in
Do you know a women in Macomb and or Oakland county Michigan that is willing to raise children in the close...More
Posted by jrigolw
Leaving your child home alone opinions
My husband and me left our 10 yr old son home alone for a couple hours after he insisted that he wanted to do...More
Posted by An_254589
Lower lip biting/holding by 8 month old baby
Please help me in this issue, My daughter (my sweetheart) 8 months old. Since 8 to 10 days she is biting...More
Posted by aarya123
Does a mother have the right to complain?
Does a mother have the right to complain? Her daughter can speak/read/write her fathers native language,...More
Posted by An_254552
Should a mother complain?
Should a mother complain? Her six-year-old girl that has her ears pierced seven times and wears seven...More
Posted by An_254552
Why would an 18-year-old European girl
Why would an 18-year-old European girl who has a daughter in a one-night stand make her daughter see her...More
Posted by An_254552
Why would an 18-year-old girl allow her biological...
Why would an 18-year-old girl allow her biological father to put several permanent tattoos on her body? She...More
Posted by An_254552
Possible HSP or?
I have a 10 year old son. He's always been active, he played football this year, soccer every day at...More
Posted by justfiveofus
Too Many Vaccines
My son just turned five. Going over his vaccine records with his new doctor we found that his old doctor...More
Posted by linseyshuda
How to keep child in his own bed?
My son turns 2 on the 27th (so about 1.5 weeks)... The last 3 weeks he's been waking up in the middle of...More
Posted by tristaj90
Is there a health risk to the child or toddler to ...
Is there an absorption risk through the nail? Is it OK for a child to put her/his fingers in her/his mouth if...More
Posted by gjsandone
My 5 year old wants to eat Constantly
For the past few days, my son has wanted to eat constantly. He eats a balanced diet. It has gotten so bad...More
Posted by eallermann
baby birth without auns
hallo there i want to know that my child born without anus hole nobody seen it when he has medical exam he has 3...More
Posted by yuria5

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what a reason a baby born has no anus hole?
  • what is birth defect a baby has born without anus hole?
  • why baby has born without auns hole?
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9 year old sharing a bed with his Gran
I was just after a bit of advise from people, i live in the uk I'm in a lesbian relationship but I have a 9 year...More
Posted by lynvik
dysfuntional voiding/frequent urination
My 10 year old son had the frequent urination problem, took him to the Dr. and the urine test showed uti,...More
Posted by stoney1313

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frequent urination , and dysfunctional voiding
  • frequent urination
  • dysfuntional voiding
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peeing on the floor
My daughter is turning 8 next week and just recently started peeing on the floor. Last week it was the carpet...More
Posted by An_254178
my highly active 10 year old is constantly sick to...
my son is a highly active 10 year old. he compeats in travel hockey on a high level. they practice 3-4 times...More
Posted by An_254149
Occasional, painful urination in 7 year old daught...
I have a 7 year old daughter who for about the last year has begun to have some significant pain after...More
Posted by tdloskot
sudden change in child activity
My five year old has suddenly gained weight she has went from a size 6 to a size 12 in 3 months. She falls...More
Posted by veronica91
the flu vaccine
Hello, My son received his first flu vaccine (at 6 months) last year in October. He ended up getting the...More
Posted by Anon_4527
Super Emotional Middle Child
I'm a mother of three girls (7, 41/2 and 21/2). For the first two years, my middle daughter dealt...More
Posted by Motherofthreegirls
Super Emotional Middle Child
I'm a mother of three girls (7, 41/2 and 21/2). For the first two years, my middle daughter dealt...More
Posted by Motherofthreegirls
What could this be?
My 7 yr old son keeps complaining his belly hurts. We have given him a laxative which has helped him move...More
Posted by Mattsmom16
7 yr old with constipation
It seems my 7 yr old has constipation issues. His dr recommended giving him flax seed / flax seed oil Is...More
Posted by Mattsmom16
Behavior issues
My almost 3 yr old is having difficulty at daycare. Not wanting to share and lashing out at the other kids....More
Posted by oriocookie
2 year old walking
I have a 2 year old who knows how to walk, but since Saturday evening all she does is crawl around on her...More
Posted by gonza06
12 year old sons unreasonable behavour?
We need help I think. We have two boys, 8 year old is fine. 12 year old worries us both and as he gets older...More
Posted by ACPage31
How to clean facial/head wound?
I recently fell while biking and scraped my face and side of my head on the cement. only two days have...More
Posted by cgordon37
Shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat
My daughter is 9 years old has been a healthy kid until recently she was complaining of shortness of breath...More
Posted by An_253812

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Toddlers and Calcium
Toddlers need calcium for healthy bones/teeth. 700 mg/day = 2-3 eight oz glasses of milk but also in other food/fortified sources as well. ... More
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