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baby names
what is your childs names or ur favorite names for baby mine is mckynzi desirae - girl tristin...More
Posted by An_258062
My daughter's immediate response to anything new i...
I am very concerned and unsure about how to help my 7 yr old daughter. Whenever she's faced with a new...More
Posted by littlevoice
Growth after periods?
Hello! My daughter is 13 years old & only 4'11! My height is 5'4 & husband 5'8! She started her...More
Posted by An_258070
Do you limit TV time?
A recent study found that many teens are still spending 2 hours or more a day watching TV or using the...More
Posted by atti_editor
excessive sweating
My son 5 month and have cold clammy sweat from both his palm and feet. He also have excessive sweat from his...More
Posted by An_257944
can anyone w an autisic child help me on this,my niece is 2yrs old she has a speech therapist but has had...More
Posted by marijkl121205
Does anyone know much about molluscum? Can children with the molluscum bumps on their skin safely go swimming in...More
Posted by gran6
Does anyone know much about molluscum? Can children with the molluscum bumps on their skin safely go swimming in...More
Posted by gran6
How Much Do You Know About Antibiotics?
"According to a new WebMD/Medscape survey, some 95% of health care professionals say they sometimes...More
Posted by atti_editor

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Toddler constipation
My almost three year old son gets constipated from time to time. I have specifically noticed it worsening now...More
Posted by An_257819
Penis Size
Hello, I'm 19 years old and my penis has not grown one bit.....I am overweight.....220 lb and with a height...More
Posted by An_257701
newborn with heart problems
a friend just had a baby girl, but they say her heart is not beating right. instead of lub dub it goes lub...More
Posted by An_257700
Could carbohydrate metabolism be the cause of auti...
I was doing some research and stumbled upon a disorder called carbohydrate metabolism. In most cases the...More
Posted by jakeburke

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What do you think?
My 5 yr old boy has been admitted to a big school.Before this he was going to a montessori school.Never in his...More
Posted by sushb
My penis is small
I`m 18, biracial and i`m concerned that my penis is too small to please anyone. It`s just 4 inches and my...More
Posted by byron_powell
pain in abdomen
in early stage of pregnancy sometimes little pain comes in abdominal, is it something serious or normal...More
Posted by spriha2015
Parents with Autistic Toddlers; please help!
Kaiser Permanente diagnosed my now 3 year old boy with autism on April 1st but I just see much. The only...More
Posted by tp2sad
2 year old son with low grade fever for 3 weeks
Hello, My son (2 years old) started with a low grade fever about 3 weeks ago (99.7 - 100.7). I read in a...More
Posted by dingoace10
uses of mobile phone during pregnancy
is mobile talking harmfull during pregnancy ? is there any affect of mobile ray during pregnancy ?
Posted by spriha2015
Enquiery for medical suggession
the question is my wife recently has been conceived, but she got very little bleeding in early stage of...More
Posted by spriha2015
Frequent urination, 8 year old girl
Hello my daughter is eight and has been using the bathroom at least 2 times in an hour for the past few days....More
Posted by An_257575
Nurse didnt inject MMR vaccine properly
Hi, I went for MMR vaccination. When nurse tried to give the vaccine I felt severe pain and I moved my hand....More
Posted by An_257551
Summer Safety
It's only a couple more weeks until Summer is officially here, but many schools are already out for the...More
Posted by atti_editor
medical sollution
we both expecting baby, our blood group same B Positive, want to know that what are the complications we have...More
Posted by An_257532
i feel tention stay with parent in law
hi...i feel tention stay with parent in law
Posted by khein_lien
Small penis
My son almost 13 but his penis never grown , that made me fell worry. When he become adult what he should do
Posted by An_257468

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Help with 12 year old behaviors
Hello all.. I am hoping to get alittle bit of advice here today about my 12 year old son. I will start off by...More
Posted by renee0125

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Lavender Oil stopped Night Terros
My 10 year old son has suffered from night terrors for over 5 years now. Generally happens when he is sick, over tired or too hot in bed. ... More
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