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not sleeping at night
My son is 19 months old and is not sleeping through the night my sister says its normal but I am exhausted...More
Posted by minnielou76
HPV vaccine
Any moms of teenaged girls opting out of the HPV vaccine? I've read some information recently advising...More
Posted by Cindy95060
MMR shot
I took my 18 months old for MMR shot . I'm located in Canada. My son is quite a strong boy and struggled, so...More
Posted by frogger888
12 year old boys
My grandson and I have always been very close; however, in the past two years he has become distant with me...More
Posted by An_252787
My 8 year old has major decision making issues.
She refuses to answer if you give her options. For example, when I ask if she wants to continue playing a...More
Posted by Colt45x22
behavioral problems
So my son just turned four, and has always listened better than a lot of children i see his age. But lately...More
Posted by amandabrown
My little one is 4 weeks old and has some spots on her leg. They are only on one leg and only below the knee....More
Posted by JaneneKay
Bed time
My granddaughter, 22months, used to be a very good sleeper. One night, while I was babysitting, I put her...More
Posted by Nancyjo1217
Strange problem
I have a two month old. Who just randomly just started shaking and not sleep well at night.
Posted by An_252612
Hello i am a female and i am 5'8" and i have had my period for a little bit over 2 years. Is there any...More
Posted by An_252609

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Never ending Mommies Wars
Back again with questioning the never ending Mommies Wars. Especially, me whom has yet to reach this stage...More
Posted by mybodymyself
My 7 year old gets sick everytime there is an exci...
Not sure when it started but over the last 3 years I've noticed that my daughter gets sick (upset...More
Posted by Mandyjo75
MMR shots
Hi, I am 21 year old. I have taken 1st mmr shot on 16/5/2013. By mistake doctor gave me 2nd shot on...More
Posted by An_252451
Article Link: How I Got to Here How I Got...More
Posted by mybodymyself
The Business of Baby, Jennifer Margulis
What Doctors Don't Tell You, What Corporations Try to Sell You, and How Put Your Pregnancy, Childbirth,...More
Posted by mybodymyself
thirsty baby
At what age can you give your baby water?
Posted by omgitsababy
Signs of pregnancy if tubes are tied?
For the last 8 years my tubes have been tied. However my stomach has been hurting, nausea, occasional...More
Posted by DollFaceMamiof4
8 year old son will not sleep alone
My 8 year old son was a great sleeper until he turned 5. At that point, he started waking up multiple times...More
Posted by tadams5257
Homeward Bound: Why Women are Embracing the New Do...
Just started reading this particular book, but felt I need share what I think of it so far. Thank you,...More
Posted by mybodymyself
my 1 month old pukes after every feeding
have a 1 month old little boy and after ever feeding he pukes, not spit up but pukes. he could eat 2oz or...More
Posted by omgitsababy
Anyone know any Old Wive's Tales for having a Girl...
Not sure if I believe in old wive's tales or not, but we have two little boys and I really want to try for a...More
Dawn (27) Justin (27) DS1 (7/22/09) DS2 (5/03/11)
Posted by sdadkin
Downward motion problem
Every time I walk down stairs, a ramp, bend down, or bounce with my 3.5 month old she turns bright red,...More
Posted by Jordyns_mama
My 4 year old can't stop grabbing at her crotch!
My 4 year old daughter just can't seem to stop grabbing at her crotch. She doesn't need to go to the...More
Posted by kellerbees
Mother sleeping in 3 1/2 year olds bed nightly and...
My daughter has been sleeping with her son every night since he was 18 months old. She is married and does...More
Posted by An_252085
Parents' fights produce stress in children
According to this news American scientists from the University of Oregon say that the children who hear their...More
Posted by IvanS
4yr old boy sudden frequent urination
My son randomly started waking in the night to urinate 1-2 per night and now average 3-4 times/night. He will...More
Posted by busybee32
Uncles Birthday Present
My nephew is flunking 7th grade. Should my surprise birthday gift trip be used as a motiviational tool to make...More
Posted by xlmwg2
My daughter's irregular low grade fever
My daugher 5 years old, has had a fever not reaching over 101.7 on and off since 4-26. She may go a day or 2...More
Posted by Jazmine_75
My 12 month old Hardly drinks any fluids!
My son is off all his bottles.. strictly on a sippy cup..(which he does know how to use) but hardly drinks...More
Posted by jaclyn0908

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Help kids learn to swallow pillsExpert
I found this inexpensive but clever cup a few years ago, and it helped my kids learn to swallow pills without a fuss: ... More
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