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Need Advice for Newborn!!!
I am wondering if anyone knows if this is normal and if it is okay, when should I start worrying? My 2 1/2...More
Posted by harst456
Is it really worth for 3-4 year kids to go to Pre-School before Kindergarden?
Posted by An_255436
Mother still babies 10-11 year old, is that normal...
My wife still babies her 10 year old boy going on 11. She dresses him, ties his shoes, cuts his food, blows...More
Posted by An_255396
Beyond baby led parenting
For one I still feel that I'm more of beginner to beyond baby led parenting then anything. Somehow never...More
Posted by mybodymyself
My 11 yr old son has had Perthes all his life and also in both hips.He lives on Paracetamol and Ibuprofen.He...More
Posted by suzylou
My 2 /2 year old has hard bloody stools
I havea 2 1/2 year old son who has been having problems on and off for the past 7 months pooping. They doctors...More
Posted by tjl2013
co sleeping with infants
How do we feel about co sleeping with 7 week old infant????? Been having issues with parents that think this...More
Posted by An_255293

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Allergic reaction to flu shot?
My four year old received her flu shot 10 days ago . The first few days after she had a real raspy...More
Posted by tammybrown14085
9 month old needs bottle to fall asleep
I have gotten my 9 month old into the habit of needing the bottle to fall asleep, partly because my 20...More
Posted by mommiecolvin
Please help me my baby girl Christina has to have 4 of her top teeth pulled out and the doctor is going to...More
Posted by An_255149
Unknown vaccine
My son went in for his "12" month check up and vaccines yesterday (he was 5 days short of being 13 months)....More
Posted by An_255127
X-rays and Toddlers
My almost 3 year old has had so many x rays that I am beginning to worry about the amount. I know that X-rays...More
Posted by An_255108
Six Year Old With "Hot Tummy"
My six year old daughter has been complaining about her tummy feeling hot on the inside. This is her only...More
Posted by darlingdena
Separated and Disagreeing on Parenting
So, we have been "married" for 17 years including 1.4 years separated. The boys (8, 13) are a handful. One with...More
Posted by JJMay
Family resistance
My partner and I have been married for close to 18 years And my relatives do not accept us and my kids who...More
Posted by An_254803
Tampon in mouth
My daughter was in the bathroom with me and grab a used tampon and put it on your mouth and I'm nervous cause...More
Posted by An_254753
non displaced frontal skull fracture
My son is 29 months old. He fell out of a shopping Cart 2 days ago. No loss of consusness. I brought him...More
Posted by keenamomof2
Screaming Toddler
My son is 2.5 years old. He is healthy and smart in general. He is very adorable at home and also...More
Posted by brighterfuture1
how to transfer...
Hey. Just got a new phone (samsung galaxy), but I already had my WebMD BABY app in my previous (iphone)....More
Posted by An_254679
6 year old with diarrhea
My 6 year old was sent home from school on Wednesday due to diarrhea. His belly hurt and he didn't have an...More
Posted by ameliacal
Constipated 4yr old?
My daughter hasn't pooped in 5 days. She also hasn't wanted to eat for two days. Which is not like her! I...More
Posted by An_254622
Do you know a women in
Do you know a women in Macomb and or Oakland county Michigan that is willing to raise children in the close...More
Posted by jrigolw
Leaving your child home alone opinions
My husband and me left our 10 yr old son home alone for a couple hours after he insisted that he wanted to do...More
Posted by An_254589
Lower lip biting/holding by 8 month old baby
Please help me in this issue, My daughter (my sweetheart) 8 months old. Since 8 to 10 days she is biting...More
Posted by aarya123
Does a mother have the right to complain?
Does a mother have the right to complain? Her daughter can speak/read/write her fathers native language,...More
Posted by An_254552
Should a mother complain?
Should a mother complain? Her six-year-old girl that has her ears pierced seven times and wears seven...More
Posted by An_254552

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