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stepdaughter hates me, husband has PTSD
long-time lurker, first time poster... so some background. my husband has pretty severe PTSD. he was in...More
Posted by ipleadinsanity
2 year old facial bumps
I've noticed this summer that my two year old has developed a couple ( maybe ten) of red pumps on each 8 his...More
Posted by spotts1210
DTP vaccine taken twice to 1yr 8 months old girl
Hello, My daughter took the DTP vaccine when she was 1 yr 6 months and then she retook it by mistake when she...More
Posted by mompharm
My 13 yr old daughter just swallowed a quarter
She can still breath, and drink water but she says she still feels it in her throat. What should I do?!! Will she...More
Posted by xbaka
Sudden Bruising rash on 6 year old
My 6 year old has been getting this for a while. Usually I attribute this to when she is crying. Today she was...More
Posted by swirkki
Please help im worried about my 3 year old son
My 3 year old was in the hospital about 8 months ago cause he had double Phenomena and ever since then he...More
Posted by momof32014
3 year old wont take a pooh in the toilet or his p...
My son goes to the toilet to wee, but wont take a pooh in the toilet. He rather soil himself. Any tips or...More
Posted by mona2585
7 year old complaining of leg and back pain?????
My 7 year old daughter came home from school yesterday complaining that her legs I told her to...More
Posted by tiffnydawn07
Need Help!!! 7 yr old starting to color on our wa...
Up until a few weeks ago, our son had never colored or written on our walls. This has happened on a few...More
Posted by stresseddad123
No Immune Response to MMR Vaccine
Two years ago, I posted regarding my fear that I and my brothers (and potentially our offspring) could not...More
Posted by njvegetarian

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5 yr old
My daughter fully potty trained at 3 and by 4 had constant uti's which sent us to specialist and confirmed...More
Posted by An_256988
Help my 6 yr old, I'm out of options
So my son is 6 years old, he was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. Is. Currently being seen by 2 child...More
Posted by joinerfam13
my 3 year old wont eat food he must chew
I am in desperate need of help. My son was eating fine, until he started teething his mowlers. After they came...More
Posted by mona2585
Too many ear problems
My 3 1/2 yr old granddaughter has had one ear infection after another for the last 6 months. She had tbes...More
Posted by Anon_77389
My soon to be 10 year old son will not sleep in his own bed and most of the time dont like to go upstairs on...More
Posted by An_256839
blueberry colored mark
I am a 55 yo woman with fibromayalgia, and lately have been losing clumps of hair, tired all the time,...More
Posted by purplexpoppiezx
Sister dominating brothers?
Hi I just happened to find out that my 14 year old girl is cruelly dominating her 12,10 and 7 year old...More
Posted by ryan17562
frequent urination for my 5 year old son
Hi, Recently from last 12 days,my 5 year kid is doing urine in his pants,every 15 mints, we have done...More
Posted by An_256667
Please help
I need help please. I have a 4 year old daughter. She will be 5 in just a couple weeks. I have noticed over...More
Posted by miranda04
Persistent low grade fever in a toddler
My daughter is two years old and has been waking up with a low grade fever in the morning. She is warm to...More
Posted by brittneyknox
My daughter 5 years old stiffens with excitement.....
Hi... I have been trying to find a solution or a diagnosis to why she stiffens with excitement or whatever...More
Posted by scarletlambo
Baby's connection with Dad after 4 month seperatio...
I am wondering if any of you give me some advice. I am living in Canada and my husband works abroad. I...More
Posted by An_256489
New Parent
Posted by jacob44

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  • Lawson Dean
  • Barrett Dean
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New Parent
Hello all, My wife and I are expecting our first child in the near future, E.D.D. July 30th. I am just...More
Posted by jacob44

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Baby boy names??
  • Cohen Dean
  • Elliot Dean
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Triple dose MMR
My niece had a MMR vaccine as a baby. Than she had a preschool dose a month ago and another dose two days...More
Posted by An_256363

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Feeding therapy ideas and resources ... The phrase " oral aversion " describes the avoidance or fear of eating, drinking, or accepting ... More
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