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This does indeed sound like a simple motor tic. Often these come and go for no...More
Reply: child do bathroom in class room
If she is wetting herself AND soiling herself during the day but not at home,...More
Reply: My 7 year old and divorce
Medication is generally part of the solution, not the problem. Confront the...More
Reply: my five-year-old son avoids eye contact when an ad...
Gaze avoidance can reflect shyness in a child who is otherwise completely social...More
Reply: My 7 year old and divorce
I would be very cautious regarding a presumptive diagnosis of bipolar disorder...More
Reply: 7 yr. old still having urinary accidents
Believe it or not, a small number of children are genetically disposed to...More
Reply: need help
Is she actually pooping into the sheets? Can your daughter explain why she pulls...More
Reply: Daughter with ear problems for 9 years now!
This is a tough one. Have the doctors tried giving your child a once-daily...More
Reply: Is it because she was a micro-preemie? Very concer...
In medicine, we say " never say ' never ' ." I would suggest the same admonition...More
Reply: trouble playing with groups of kids
It is impossible to know how long his medication should be lasting. Typically,...More