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Although neuropsychological testing will identify a learning disorder and will...More
Reply: baby fell off bathroom counter top
My very educated guess is that you are focusing on him too much. Your son's...More
Reply: I have a Question....
If it looks like a boil, you may want to check with your pediatrician about...More
Reply: How soon can they diagnose ADHD?
I am not sure what MOPS is. I believe children with a severe behavioral disorder...More
Reply: Child Toe Walking Concern
BTW, I should have added that with idiopathic toe walking, the toe walking is...More
Reply: Child Toe Walking Concern
Some children walk on their toes for no apparent reason (idiopathic toe...More
Reply: Is it because she was a micro-preemie? Very concer...
Difficult as it may be, I would try to take a deep breath -- and -- I would...More
Reply: How soon can they diagnose ADHD?
I agree with the suggestion to explore early intervention. It is a free program...More
Reply: Living in a Plastic Bubble
Although there have been many fears about aluminum over the years, these are not...More
Reply: 6 year old with "rolling veins"?
Out of curiosity, from what parts of her body did they try to draw blood besides...More