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Reply: Choosing a pediatrician -- what matters most?
Its wonderful that you found a doctor that fulfills all of your criteria. ...More
Reply: Head Size in Babies
To my knowledge, there is no relationship between head size and breast vs....More
Reply: 2 year old with bad reaction to bug thi...
Alhtough you sound confident that this most recent incident is just a bad bug...More
Reply: 14 year old with "security blanket"
At the risk of piling on, I would not be concerned about your son "cliniging"...More
Reply: cousin marriage
There is a strong social taboo in this country against marriage between first...More
Reply: 4 month old sleeping on tummy
Although you may sleep better knowing your baby is sleeping on her back,...More
Choosing a pediatrician -- what matters most?
What matters most in choosing a pediatrician? It would be wonderful if...More
Reply: Frequent Urges to Urniate - 5 Year Old
I am hoping that the doctor did a urinalysis in addition to a urine culture. The...More
Reply: Acceptable Pain Level In Kids
Although pain is inevitable with major surgical procedures, the goal in general...More
Reply: Parents Hate Parenting?
Very well-said; thank you. Whether it be "do unto others", "pay it forward",...More