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Reply: Eating after Dinner?!?!
Are they eating a large or late snack in the aftenroon? I am surprised that both...More
Reply: Parents Hate Parenting?
It is interesting to read the articles debating whether having children makes...More
Reply: Seven Mysteries of Poison Ivy
Urushiol -- the oil from the poison ivy plant -- is so "potent" that the amount...More
Reply: Developing Chicken Pox as side effect of vaccine
According to the CDC, "about 1%-4% of vaccine recipients develop a very mild...More
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Pediatricians vary in their flexibility around immunization schedules. As stated...More
Reply: Ear problem
Ear discharge can be normal immediately following placement of the ear tubes. If...More
Reply: Need some advise.
Not sure if it is possible, but it sounds like your son would be better of...More
Reply: Need some advise.
You might try eliminating the nap for a week and see what happens. Also, are...More
It is often recommended to limit a newborn's exposure to potential infection...More
Reply: need advise
There are many possible causes for excess appetite, and I would not treat with...More