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Reply: confused
I personally would talk to him and ask if someone has touched him there, sometimes kids...More
Posted by kay_kay75
Reply: Concerned about my toddler
Take her to the ER or urgent care, it sounds like an allergic reaction to me
Posted by kay_kay75
Reply: Enfamil checks needed
It depends on the state my State MO has a contract with Enfamil as well so it is the...More
Posted by kay_kay75
Reply: Meningitis vaccine reaction? is this dangerous?
Call the place that you got the shot and tell them what you have posted here, they should...More
Posted by kay_kay75
Reply: Flu mist vrs. flu shot
There are options for the shot without the Thimerosal, I know that our local Take Care...More
Posted by kay_kay75
Reply: Obvious Info, But Why is This Happening? Overweigh...
How do we curb this trend? The first thing is to stop letting the television and...More
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Reply: To Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate? That is the questio...
Has your child received all of their scheduled vaccinations? Yes she has had all of...More
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Reply: Okay really confused and upset...
I think you all need to go to the doctor, it sounds like something is going on, if you...More
Posted by kay_kay75
Reply: Just call me Momma V!
Wow Vicky, ask and ye shall receive! Going to be an exciting time for you! How are things...More
Posted by kay_kay75