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Reply: Slight Pain In Left Testicle When Touched
If this has been going on for 5 years, maybe it's time to schedule a doctor's appointment as,...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Wen should my kids stip taking naps?
I would let him carry on with his naps. How long is he sleeping at night? He might be trying to...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: 5.5 year old belly aches??
He could have a food intolerance. Start by eliminating dairy and see if that helps. Is he gassy?
Posted by fcl
Reply: short umbilical cord
You mean that she only has a stump left? That would be perfectly normal, they just cut the cord...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: daughter's hands are shaky
Has she been checked for diabetes?
Posted by fcl
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Reply: Hepatitis A double dose
The vaccine is a pregnancy category C - that means that insufficient tests have been carried...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Frequent urination
Fruity breath can be a sign of diabetes - please have him seen by a doctor as soon as possible.
Posted by fcl
Reply: five year old burning urination
Please take her to the doctor. It could be a recurring UTI. This needs to be treated once and...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Seeking advice- disrespectful step children
The big problem here is your husband, not the children. He is refusing to parent. If I were...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: molluscum
Here's a link to some good information on swimming pools and molluscum: ...More
Posted by fcl