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Reply: medical sollution
To the best of my knowledge there are no complications associated with both parents being B ....More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Too many ear problems
Take her back to the ENT. My daughter had tubes 3 times (came out once) and had infection after...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: PreSchool
I live in France. Pre-school is free but not obligatory. Nearly 100% of all children go from 3...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Family resistance
There is nothing you can do to change your relatives but you CAN change how you react to them....More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Do you know a women in
What the heck are "official euro rules"?
Posted by fcl
Reply: Would a European women have children with a Europe...
This has nothing to do with where you come from and everything to do with prejudice...
Posted by fcl
Reply: Does a mother have the right to complain?
What on Earth would there be to complain about? For a child to be perfectly bilingual is a...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Why would an 18-year-old European girl
Well, why WOULDN'T she want her daughter to know her father? Her daughter has two parents,after...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: peeing on the floor
I very much agree.
Posted by fcl
Reply: 6 year old with labial adhesions or labial fusion
Go back to your doctor and ask if you can use the cream again. It's not uncommon for this to...More
Posted by fcl