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Toddlers and Calcium
Toddlers need calcium for healthy bones/teeth. 700 mg/day = 2-3 eight oz glasses of milk but also in other...More
Posted by LauraJana
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My Bf and my Son....
ok my bf tells me im a bad mother because I dont spank my son... but I wasnt raised like that...More
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ok well Ive had a boyfriend for almost a year now but my 2 (almost 3) yr old... is so...More
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Well, according to Dwight (from the office), right behind the driver's seat is always the safest place to be....More
Posted by RachWell
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RE; pool drains
This has more to do with small wading pools and hot tubs; however, NEVER let your child in the pool naked or...More
Posted by crna49
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coxsackievirus in 2 1/2 year old
My son was first diagnosed with strep throat. But later found out it was coxsackie virus. It first started...More
Posted by An_221796
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But why???
Safety always came first in our house,inevitably followed by the dreaded - but why??My daughter,our first...More
Posted by lindsmom
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Parenting (Focus) Community
Children learn and acquire certain habits at an early age. A child who is exposed to unhealthy habits in...More
Posted by abookercare
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Help kids learn to swallow pills
I found this inexpensive but clever cup a few years ago, and it helped my kids learn to swallow pills...More
Posted by Roy Benaroch, MD
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Is your child ready to return to play sports?
After a twisted ankle, bruise, or other sports injury, how do you know when your child is ready to...More
Posted by Roy Benaroch, MD
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Posted by stacia1210
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Section 504 accommodations for ADHD More
Posted by Andrew Adesman, MD
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Skin Rashes for my 1 year baby
Hi, My baby is 1 year old now. She keeps on developing rashes at her cheeks starting from birth. Her skin is...More
Posted by rvalive
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Skin rash under the neck and private parts around...
please assist me on getting the good prescription for rash under the neck of my five year old daugher and around...More
Posted by chakie
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Vitamin D -- Is you child getting enough!!
The American Academy of Pediatrics has increased the recommended amount of Vitamin D that children...More
Posted by Andrew Adesman, MD
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Infantino SlingRider Recalled
I just wanted everyone know that the Infantino slingrider was recalled this morning due to infant deaths....More
Posted by kstategrad07
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Predicting adult height !
There are a couple of ways to predict adult height for toddlers. The simplest way is to double...More
Posted by Andrew Adesman, MD
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Early Puberty in Girls
See your doctor if your daughter shows signs of puberty like breast development, pubic or underarm...More
Posted by Louise_WebMD_Staff
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pain in my left side, at 10 wks pregnant
I'm 29 yrs. old, this is not my first child, but I am worried. I had a miscarriage in Sept. of...More
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High Cholestrol in kids..
I have a 9 year old son, his cholestrol is 209. We have been trying to lower this by "diet" for about a...More
Posted by kidswhat2do
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my son's behavior
My son is 7 and half years old, normally he is very active but when we go out or I let him in public and go away...More
Posted by glife
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My Bf and my Son....
ok my bf tells me im a bad mother because I dont spank my son... but I wasnt raised like that so I dont think Im wrong... (My sons father ... More
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