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Don't Miss WebMD the Magazine!
Please join editor Colleen Paretty on the WebMD the Magazine community for updates on...More
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Posted by Amelia_WebMD_Staff
Our baby was born at 32 weeks...he is now 2months but adjusted age of 12 days. He isn't focusing or...More
Posted by MissMaryann
What is Your Biggest Health Care Challenge?
What is the biggest challenge you face in providing health care for your family? Is it money?...More
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Posted by Amelia_WebMD_Staff
32 week old preemie
I had my son July 19 2010 after being in labor for about a day. The doctor said he was in distress so they...More
Posted by bastiansmama
Emotional Effects of Premature Birth
I have a 5 year old son who was born at 26 weeks gestation. We've been very blessed, and his only known issue...More
Posted by mimid77
Special Needs Information?
Please take the poll below and let us know your thoughts. We want to be able to provide you with the...More
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Posted by Amelia_WebMD_Staff
My son is having problems with the formula
hello. I am a first time mom my son was 5 wks early. We have changed his formula 4 times already. Does...More
Posted by luvmybbboyj
Open for Questions: Ask the White House About Heal...
Have questions about health care reform? Here's your chance to get answers. WebMD will be...More
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Posted by Amelia_WebMD_Staff
proud mom of NICU baby
Hi all. I just wanted to offer some encouragement. My baby boy Jacksen was born at 32 weeks gestation, by...More
Posted by jlo732
Is "good enough" good enough?
Our resident pediatrician, Dr. Adesman, on the Parenting Community posted this interesting...More
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Posted by Amelia_WebMD_Staff
PediaCare Children's Drugs Recalled
Please read the quoted information below or refer to the link at WebMD Health and Parenting News: ...More
Best Wishes!
Posted by Amelia_WebMD_Staff
McDonald's Shrek Glasses Recalled
Just wanted to make sure that everyone knows about the McDonald's Shrek Glasses being recalled ....More
Best Wishes!
Posted by Amelia_WebMD_Staff
When can I expect a social smile?
My son Quentin was born at 32 weeks and I am desperate for my first social smile (I've started writing...More
Posted by quentinsmom
Revised: New Features on Exchanges!
Dear Members, You may have noticed some changes that happened to your Exchange after last...More
Posted by Amelia_WebMD_Staff
Exciting News for the Parenting: Preemies Exchange
Please help me welcome the new moderator for this board Amelia. She will be taking on the roll I have...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
Gangrene/infection in baby's foot
Hello everyone.My baby was born on April 3rd at 26wks 5dys weighing 2lbs even.She was on the ventilator for...More
Posted by SHANTELL500
mt premature grandaughter Aaliyah!
My grandaughter Aaliyah was born premature at 24weeks on September 24,2009. She spent 2 months in the...More
Posted by angcoronel
Posted by DOGBUS
Hi There! I just saw you post on the Intro thread... how are you doing? I remember you from the pregnancy...More
Posted by cheeezie25
Getting to know you
I thought it might be nice to help everyone, including myself to get to know everyone a bit better. So...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
my premie
here recently my premie, has been having bad dreams i think thats what is happening,she screams bloody murder...More
Posted by montjenn
This board has seemed pretty dead since the switch, so let's introduce ourselves with a little poll to see who...More
Posted by simerlm
Updates Based on YOUR Feedback!
Hello WebMD Members! We are thrilled to share with you some changes that have been made to WebMD...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
What Would Make It Better?
Hi members! I'll start by saying that I know everyone would like the old boards back, but they are...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
Font color darker
We heard you, many of our members were not happy about the lite gray font color. If you notice the...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
What New Features are you going to enjoy?
We have more experts, we have polls, we have tips, resources and the ability to vote on any of them,...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff

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Welcome to Our Parenting Preemies Exchange
Welcome to your new home in the WebMD Parenting Preemies Exchange! I hope you found your way in...More
Posted by Emma_WebMD_Staff
Your Community
Dear Members, We announced yesterday that we’re going to be launching our new WebMD Health Exchange...More
Posted by unknown
Please Read!
Dear Members, At 12:00 PM Eastern Time tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 25), our WebMD message boards will go to...More
Posted by unknown

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Hi, I'm Misty. I am the proud mother of three gorgeous children. Alexander is the oldest. He's 9.His favorite thing to do is play video games....More

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Pumping in the NICU
It has been a little while since I stopped pumping, and it has been much much longer since DS has been in the NICU, but I thought I would ... More
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