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Reply: siblings
What a difficult situation! You might want to post your question on the main...More
Reply: Behavior issues..
I would schedule a visit to your pediatrician and discuss specifics of his...More
Reply: Milestone questions
How old is Emily? And how preemie was she? Here's a link to an article on...More
Reply: When is it okay to take my preemie old out in publ...
Here's a post from the WebMD Parenting Community about this topic with comments...More
Reply: 32 week old preemie
I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing. I'm thrilled to hear that...More
Reply: March 2011 Check In, Roll Call!
I remember the "floppy head" time well! It's so great when they can hold it up...More
Are you Prepared for a Disaster?
By now, we are aware of the ongoing devastation caused by Japan's whopping 8.9...More
Reply: March 2011 Check In, Roll Call!
2 year old had a smooshed head and needed a helmet and PT for several months....More
Reply: March 2011 Check In, Roll Call!
simerlm - AWESOME! One of my friends kids just got jumping down and he's so...More
March 2011 Check In, Roll Call!
Since I've been moderating, we have not had a check in. Wanted to do a quick...More