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Hi! My son was born at 25 wks 5 days....spent 102 days in the NICU. He spent about 6 weeks on the vent, couldnt hold him till he was about a month old. It was touch and go for awhile. He has been a blessing to me and my family. God has been watching for us and prayers have been answered.

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Reply: Intoduction/poll
1. How many weeks gestation was your LO? 25 wks 5 days 2. Birth weight/length? 1 lb...More
Posted by babyjamesmommy
Reply: PDA???
My son was born at 25 wks 5 days...he had a PDA. They tried to fix it with medicine...More
Posted by babyjamesmommy
Reply: He Just Won't Settle
have you tried swaddling him? That helped alot woth my son. Wrap him in a blanket...More
Posted by babyjamesmommy
Reply: 25 weeker Born
My son was born at 25 wks 5 days. Spent 102 days in the hospital. He was released...More
Posted by babyjamesmommy
Reply: visting with baby
He is 12 weeks old now....due date was July 7
Posted by babyjamesmommy