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Hello! I'm Christine, and I had my son, Brandon, in January 2009 at 33w4d due to PROM. He is amazing!

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Pumping in the NICU
It has been a little while since I stopped pumping, and it has been much much longer...More
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Reply: eyesight
Hello, Thinking back to when my son was younger, I vaguely remember that it took him a...More
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Reply: My son is having problems with the formula
He may have reflux. Actually, I would put money on it because it is so common for...More
Posted by cheeezie25
Hi There! I just saw you post on the Intro thread... how are you doing? I remember you...More
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Reply: Getting to know you
1. How many children do you have? Just one! My little man Brandon 2. Are you the mom,...More
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Reply: my premie
How old is your LO, and has the doctor actually examined her for an ear infection or any...More
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Reply: Intoduction/poll
1. How many weeks gestation was your LO? 33w4d 2. Birth weight/length? 5lbs 2oz, 18 1/2...More
Posted by cheeezie25
Reply: What Would Make It Better?
Here are some of my thoughts in response to your questions: Is it hard to read because...More
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Reply: Babies With Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia or RDS
Hello The article you posted is very technical in nature, and is probably geared...More
Posted by cheeezie25