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Bundles of hormones, emotions, and insecurities. Rebellion, dating, school problems, peer and societal pressures, its our job to see these kids to adulthood. Get the support you need here!

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Slang words used today
I was able to read a couple of text message my son sent to his friends on his phone. He asks where his...More
Posted by bcuzicare4
Slang words used today
I was able to read a couple of text message my son sent to his friends on his phone. He asks where his...More
Posted by bcuzicare4
I have a 17 yr old who isn't getting any exercise ,I belong to a health club and I told him he needs to come...More
Posted by An_256169
Progressive puberty and periods
My daughter who is 8 years old has been complaining of her belly hurting really bad as well as sleeping a lot...More
Posted by An_256124
Nausea and burping
For the past week or so it occurred to me that my daughter burps a lot more then normal. In fact she rarely...More
Posted by An_255733
teen daughter dating
I am a single Dad trying to be open minded about my 15 year old daughter dating.I don't know if its just the...More
Posted by An_255686
I need help....
I am a single Mom of 2 teens. My ex-husband has basically abandoned them...he doesn't call nor see them in last...More
Posted by justamy
16 year old daughter had girlfriend living with us...
We allowed a friend of our daughters to stay with us, her mother asked if she could cause things are...More
Posted by disrespectedparent
17 year old daughter
I'm having a lot of issues with my daughter. She's angry and rather bitter at me for some mistakes I've...More
Posted by dancingrain77
12 yr old step-sons disturbing sexual behavior
Hello, I have a 12 year old soon to be step son I'm concerned about. Recently he has started rubbing himself...More
Posted by alustrial
Unsociable 16 Year Old Son
My son through the age of 1-10 was the most sociable kid you'd ever meet, he'd listen to you and take anyones...More
Posted by An_254833
Need Guidance!
My 11 year old nephew spends a lot of time at my house with us. He has his own room in my house. I have a 9...More
Posted by An_254644
Teen daughter dating drug user
My 14 year old daughter wants to date a boy (16) who i know is using some drugs as well as hanging out with the...More
Posted by lexie13
Grandchild Difficulty Coping with Divorce
After 10 years in an abusive marriage with a man who never worked or provided any financial support,...More
Posted by jimc_in_asheville
13yr old, heavy mensturation, Duphaston?? is it ri...
My daughter had her regular cycle from 18/11/13 to 21/11/13. Last Wednesday she started having discharge...More
Posted by anuramesh
Gardisil and scoliosis
I was wondering if any one has been told their daughter has begun to have Scoliosis after receiving the...More
Posted by natcap88
friends spreading rumour abt 13yr old daughter
Hello, I'm a mother of 2 girls -13 and 6. I've been noticing change of behavior in my eldest - mood swings,...More
Posted by anuramesh
Teenage son is headed down the wrong path
I am the single mother of two young men. I have a 12 year old and a 15 year old. They are both very smart and...More
Posted by An_254490
When do you talk too much...
I am very close to my 17 year old son. We have always had a very open relationship. He has come to me...More
Posted by An_254407

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10 yr old boy and 11 yr old girl share a bed
My husband and I recently found out that his ex wife is allowing his 11 year old daughter (who is physically...More
Posted by An_254275
Low Progeserone in Teen?
My daughter who is 15years old now has been going through depression, anxiety and insomnia for 3 years... all...More
Posted by An_254238
Scared to go for a poo
I'm 12yr old girl and I'm scared to go 4 a poo it's just something in my head but I'm really scared of it...More
Posted by An_254237
13 yr old boy
hi , i have a 13 year old boy , that has had mild adhd,, recently he has started complaining about no being...More
Posted by buggs6971
12 Year Old son I need advice
I am really upset, my son is 12 years old and seeing this girl in school that is also 12. I have found several...More
Posted by ElaineD
Help with abdominal pain
My daughter who is 15 years old has suffered with abdominal pains for so many years now and the doctors can't...More
Posted by An_253957
Tenn Cutting and Depression
I am very worried about my 18 yr-old who has depression, is cutting, and is constantly communicating with a...More
Posted by An_253730
Parents/Caregivers of Preteens & Teenagers with Ch...
Hello! We are researchers at Microsoft Research who are interested in understanding how kids with chronic...More
Posted by leslieliu
Lying teen Please Help!!!!!!
Very long story... but in a nutshell. I have a teen step daughter who has been telling lies about her father...More
Posted by kkmckbrown
Untrustworthy 14yr old is driving me nuts!
My son turned 14 in Fedruaury & we've been having some serious trust issues. He lies about EVERYTHING!...More
Posted by An_252772
What should I do?
My 10 years old daughter starting her period today...shes cramping bad what should I do half a Midol or a...More
Posted by answerless01

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I have 5 children; 18yr old girl, 16yr old girl, 10yr old boy (from previous relationship) & fraternal twin 8yr old girls (current relationship). ...More

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