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My Story:
My partner and I have six children-the oldest three are grown up and on their own. The younger three are 16, 14, and 11.

That means I have survived not only my own teen years-but those of half of my children. I actually love teenagers-the period of growth and turning into independent creatures is an amazing thing!

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Reply: 6 y.o. daughter's toe nail
No way for us to tell but I encourage you to ask on the Parenting board with...More
Reply: Teenage Boy took pills once. Now everyone wants t...
I would have taken him in the next morning. It sounds like way more than he took...More
Reply: Help if you can
Have you brought this up with the therapist?
Reply: What Challenges You?
It sounds like she is off to a good start at school.
Reply: What Challenges You?
Have you had any luck with hygiene? How is school working out this year?More
Reply: Sexting
Hello-I presume you pay his bill so I wouldn't feel guilty about seeing the...More
Reply: Laziness or learning problems?
I agree. Lazy is a rotten label and one kids will try to live up to when really...More
Reply: Teen and stomach pain
Has he had any post-divorce counseling? I think a few sessions about it and how...More
Reply: creeped
Not surprising--take her to the doctor. It could be the combo of meds, it could...More