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My Story: Hi,

I am a mom of 4-daughters. My youngest daughter was dx at age 6 with ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), then eventually classified as "mood disorder, n.o.s.). I am fortunate enough to live in CA, where there are qualified / knowledgeable child psychiatrists, and to date, my daughter is doing pretty well. There are ups and downs, but nothing as extreme as when she was un-treated. My daughter is now 15.
My 22 year old daughter has mild depression and an eating disorder which she has received treatment for and doing a really well.
My oldest daughter is 25, and has a really good understanding of her 2- younger sisters struggles and is pursuing a career in child psychology.
My 23-year old daughter is patient and has a knowledge of mental illness that most adults don't have.
I am blessed, yet face daily struggles that test my patience, but must remember this is not my daughters fault, and I must be her voice!

I am a HUGE advocate for mental health awareness and belong to Bring Change 2 Mind and

Knowledge is Power!

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