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skin changes
I have had a pretty constant breakout of red spots, skaliness and a waxy feel to my face. Has anyone...More
Posted by parky2010
skin changes
I have had a pretty constant breakout of red spots, skaliness and a waxy feel to my face. Has anyone...More
Posted by parky2010
suspected seizure activity
My father has pd and is experiencing episodes of coming out of a sleep where he is unable to speak or...More
Posted by moira146
Skin Test for Parkinson's
"A small, early study hints that a skin test may someday be able to help diagnose people with Alzheimer's...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Action tremors
yeah i have visited neuro physician he suggested me to intake mysolin 250 mg every day but is it good to...More
Posted by 2255074_p
Reply: Pain in leg associated with Parkinson's Disease
I did have this problem. Mirapex took care of the pain
There are none so blind as those that will not see
Posted by worn1
Reply: Extreme pain from Parkinson's
Is the neuro a specialist in movement disorder/parkinson's? If not change to a neuro specializing in Parkinson's....More
There are none so blind as those that will not see
Posted by worn1
Anti depression medicine
I am taking cymbalta 30 mg two times a day. It is supposed to help ease muscle pain as well as combat...More
Posted by parky2010
Reply: DBS battery died
It took 2 agonizing weeks. I guess the trick is to make sure you get it done before it runs out. Our problem was...More
Posted by kktine
Stem Cells therapy
Is there anyone who has tried stem cell therapy for Parkinson? Please share your experience.
Posted by ravian
anti depression medicine
what medication is anyone that has Parkinson taking. I don't want to gain weight that will make me more...More
Posted by zach621
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Reply: What Do You Do When The Doctors Can't Diagnose You...
My daughter also has Chronic Fatigue. Dr. Stacy, could you please address Central Sensitization and POTS for...More
Posted by truthnut
Reply: Parkinsons and Cough
Yes indeed and it is doubly terrible because infections reduce the effectiveness of the PD medication. My Dad...More
Posted by pocaire
Reply: Parkinson's Cough
One of the videos that I saw with breathing exercise was: In...More
Posted by mrswamy
Reply: Chronic UTIs
This article discusses chronic UTIs and treatments that are commonly used to treat UTIs as well as...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Pain and Parkinsons
Propark hello!One of my patients with Parkinson's arm, back pain and numbness, her every pain and numbness after...More
Posted by zuolei
Reply: PD & Amyloidosis
Dad had a rectal tissue biopsy to diagnose the amyloidosis. Once diagnosed, he was referred to either Boston or...More
Posted by dtnel14
Reply: parkinson
Your story sounds exactly like mine. Somewhere in this community page, I tell my story, but it is mine...More
Posted by lovedogs1955
Reply: Merry Christmas
I don't know what your symtons are...but if anything like mine its a real hoot. I hope you had a real good...More
Posted by wetfisherman
not sure what I have
shake like crazy...all over. posture is gone. last two months its got-in worse. My regular doctor thinks...More
Posted by wetfisherman

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Shakin' but not Stirred
I am 39 years old and was diagnosed two years ago with PD. I am now trying to do my part to raise awareness...More
Posted by ryanjackson
Believe I am having drug reactions to Botox Inject...
The first round of botox May 2012 I was taking melatonin to and valeran root to assist with my...More
Posted by strokesurvivor77
Watch the parkinson webinar that I posted. You are dealing with a lot!! Suffering with so many symptoms and...More
Posted by valoryep
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Reply: Shortness of breath
Hi gordoncanada! There are so many symptoms of Parkinson's Disease that it is difficult to diagnose. My...More
Posted by lovedogs1955
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Reply: HYdrogen Peroxide to help Parkiinsons
If you actually read the book The One Minute Cure, it says that if you are suffering from...More
Reply: Use Caution with Microdose Therapy Program
In regards to the so called "improvements" from microdose therapy, this is a fabrication! I had serious...More
Posted by maplewood234
Reply: Aqua therapy or exercise for advanced stage Parkin...
Dear Manny, My friend, Don, was very good at availing himself of those three pillars during the earlier...More
Posted by josefinajo
Reply: beyond vertigo-possible brain tumor
Hello I know it was 7 yrs ago that you wrote this and pray that your Sister is well..My first Symptoms was...More
Posted by hildas
Reply: Chemical exposure and Parkinsons
I wasn't in Vietnam.I was in Coast Guard and all we did was chip scrape and paint.We never used resperators and...More
Posted by mes5159
Reply: noise sensitivity
This just started for me. I was diagnosed almost 5 years ago. If someone walks up on me, my husband walks in...More
Posted by njladyluck

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My legs ache when standing, they feel like lead weights. Also I get severe chills. Are these symptons of Parkinsons? More
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