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Can't do it.
I was diagnosed last year and at first I had a hard time getting myself to believe I was sick at all. Sure,...More
Posted by An_251877
doctor/patient experience with rytary
Hi- I am a cc physician who was diagnosed 6 years ago at age 41--I have not had tremor or dyskinesia but...More
Posted by An_262099
Experiences with Parkinson's Disease
I am a counselor-in-training and am working with a man who was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease a year ago....More
Posted by candita59
skin changes
I have had a pretty constant breakout of red spots, skaliness and a waxy feel to my face. Has anyone...More
Posted by parky2010
skin changes
I have had a pretty constant breakout of red spots, skaliness and a waxy feel to my face. Has anyone...More
Posted by parky2010
suspected seizure activity
My father has pd and is experiencing episodes of coming out of a sleep where he is unable to speak or...More
Posted by moira146
Action tremors
Sir, I am diagnosed with action tremors my hand, arms shakes too much and when i am under observation of...More
Posted by An_261598
Pain in leg associated with Parkinson's Disease
I have Parkinson's Disease and think that I may have a severe case of Restless Leg Syndrome. Does anyone...More
Posted by skeeterelf
Anti depression medicine
I am taking cymbalta 30 mg two times a day. It is supposed to help ease muscle pain as well as combat...More
Posted by parky2010
Stem Cells therapy
Is there anyone who has tried stem cell therapy for Parkinson? Please share your experience.
Posted by ravian
anti depression medicine
what medication is anyone that has Parkinson taking. I don't want to gain weight that will make me more...More
Posted by zach621
Parkinsons and Cough
My Dad was recently diagnosed with PD, even though he had symptoms for last 2 years. Recently he had Pnuemonia...More
Posted by rkster
Chronic UTIs
My moms had a number of UTIs, this past one was more serious. Her urologist mentioned seeing what the common...More
Posted by lajygal
Extreme pain from Parkinson's
My wife has Parkinson’s disease that was diagnosed in May 2007 and now has twisting movements of severe...More
Posted by tcleme2
I had breast cancer and went through chemo, surgery and radiation a year and a half ago. I ended up with...More
Posted by sirquizo
DBS battery died
My dad's dbs battery died last night and of course he went from functional to NOT immediately. He has an...More
Posted by kktine
not sure what I have
shake like crazy...all over. posture is gone. last two months its got-in worse. My regular doctor thinks...More
Posted by wetfisherman

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Shakin' but not Stirred
I am 39 years old and was diagnosed two years ago with PD. I am now trying to do my part to raise awareness...More
Posted by ryanjackson
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you dealing with Parkinson's. This disease can take so much from you if...More
Posted by wmalice
Believe I am having drug reactions to Botox Inject...
The first round of botox May 2012 I was taking melatonin to and valeran root to assist with my...More
Posted by strokesurvivor77
I don't know if this is the place to talk about myself.....if not, please ignore my post..... A few weeks...More
Posted by An_251877
PD & Amyloidosis
My father was diagnosed with PD about 7.5 years ago. The disease was progressing slowly and well managed with...More
Posted by dtnel14
Chemical exposure and Parkinsons
I was exposed to high concentrations of toxic chemicals during my military service 1987-1990 and discharged...More
Posted by mes5159
Short term disability
When should a Parkinson's patient approach work for short term disability and what needs to be done?
Posted by An_259491
Aqua therapy or exercise for advanced stage Parkin...
I have a friend, Don, who is about 67 years old (retired biology professor) who is in advanced stage...More
Posted by josefinajo
Parkinson's Cough
I am new to the forum. My 80 year old mother has been diagnosed with PD. She is going through a phase where she...More
Posted by mrswamy
Spacial problems
I have noticed over the last 8 months or so I no longer can park my car properly. I am always crooked, always...More
Posted by happydsr
Shaking on the inside
Posted by happydsr

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Is shaking on the inside a common feeling? I feel like I have restless leg syndrome in my whole body
I am new
I am new to this whole PD issue. I was just diagnosed and having been having symptoms for a few years. I want...More
Posted by happydsr
who has had DBS for PD treatment and how much did it cost after insurance paid for it?
Posted by bozz6951

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Aware in Care Hospital Action Plan
I just wanted to let you guys know that I found the BEST thing ever to keep with papers that you take to the hospital! It's called ... More
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