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Love and peace
I am a 59 year old male with 10 years of PD. My Neurologist talked to me about DBS in the future. The...More
Posted by Anon_229944
Parkinson's related to toxics exposure
My husband was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's. Some materials we have read indicate Parkinson's may be...More
Posted by Anon_48692
Includes Expert Content
Has anyone tried this,I saw that there were some on going studies going on and saw some help with balance and...More
Posted by lepman
Parkinson's and Extreme Fatigue
I am 47 and diagnosed with early stage Parkinson's last spring. Slight tremor right hand, internal tremor,...More
Posted by marymc0903
C-pap Machine and sleep apneaha
Lately I have been wakeing up during the night caughing and chokeing in my sleep, a few times vommiting because...More
Posted by lepman
Includes Expert Content
azilect and tyramine
Dr. Stacy: Is it true that tyramine rich foods are not as dangerous as once thought when taking a maoi? I was...More
Posted by An_248640
Includes Expert Content
Vision problems
I am noticing that I am having significant problems with my eyes when I shift from reading or doing close...More
Posted by lovedogs1955
Newly diagnosed Parkinson's Disease Patient Scared...
I am a 58 year old female who was recently diagnosed with PD and am scared to death of what is going to...More
Posted by Ktowngirl
Includes Expert Content
PD symptoms or Infection
How lucky am I to find Dr. Stacy on WebMD?!? My mother was a patient of yours up until 3 yrs ago when we...More
Posted by An_250062
PD Symptoms vs Infection
How lucky am I to find Dr. Stacy on WebMD?!? My mother was a patient of yours up until 3 yrs ago when we...More
Posted by An_250062
Includes Expert Content
diagnosis of parkinsons
I was diagnosed with parkinsons about 2 years ago,at the time I went to the doctor I had several problems one...More
Posted by cheney13
Over medicated!
I was just release from the hospital about 2 weeks ago from being over medicated. I have three doctors and...More
Posted by Sandee54
Includes Expert Content
Azilect/Sinemet in elderly and interactions with a...
My mother (75 year-old, osteoarthritis, depression) was diagnosed with PD one month ago. I was worried about...More
Posted by Milmanda
Includes Expert Content
Internal Tremor
I was diagnosed with PD over 2 years ago. I rarely have a visible tremor, but I experience an internal,...More
Posted by blessijr
Includes Expert Content
Dopamine Dysregulation Syndrome
I have written about this subject before,but I have'nt seen much new on this site or any others. Dopamine...More
Posted by sparky1109
Includes Expert Content
parkinson related illness
my husband has parkinson, so far just on the right side. I have heard that there are other illness related to...More
Posted by An_249641
Painful Legs and Moving Toes Syndrome
I was recently diagnosed with PLMT, which is a disorder quite separate and distinct from Parkinson's. However,...More
Posted by kmaze001
Includes Expert Content
parkinsons and rbd
I would be curious to know how many Parkinson's patients have had REM sleep behavior disease (RBD) before...More
Posted by An_249572
Includes Expert Content
Teling family members I am too tired to cope with ...
My husband and I have a blended family of 8 kids and 21 grandchildren,Wonderful, fun and totally exhausting....More
Posted by newshen
Includes Expert Content
Question about sufficiency of medical treatment
Hello, I am a 61-year-old man who was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease one year ago with first degree...More
Posted by mirage_sager
Includes Expert Content
what can be done about RIGIDITY in parkinsons?
Posted by xxxyyyzzz
Includes Expert Content
Is there such a thing as a Parkinson's Flare?
Well, once again I have had an episode that no one seems to understand what happened. When my PD first...More
Posted by lovedogs1955
Painful Legs and Moving Toes
For anyone who may have this condition, I have started a new user community on WebMD. I did see some old posts...More
Posted by kmaze001
Head trauma and Parkinson's
My husband was diagnosed with PD in May of 2009. At the time, the only symptom he had was a tremor in his...More
Posted by An_249365
Can you have two?
I was wondering If a person could have two conditions going on at the same time Like a Neurological and...More
Posted by lepman
Includes Expert Content
How to cure her Parkinson's disease?
Today saw the Parkinson's disease, she this year 63 years old, sick 4 years, in Beijing, China and zhengzhou...More
Posted by zuolei
Includes Expert Content
why is it.....
Why is it after three years of testing and no answers from the doc's, that when ever you try to describe...More
Posted by Anon_157363
Includes Expert Content
sinemet cr
Dr. Stacey: I have been on sinemet cr for about 6 years. I recently noticed that AS SOON AS I SWALLOW IT my...More
Posted by EW4567
Have you experienced depression since diagnosis?
A report released last week by the National Parkinson Foundation found that for many people with...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Includes Expert Content
Parkinsons or P.S.P.
Is there anyone who can tell me more than what I have found out through the internet about P.S.P and about...More
Posted by Anon_157363

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Aware in Care Hospital Action Plan
I just wanted to let you guys know that I found the BEST thing ever to keep with papers that you take to the hospital! It's called ... More
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