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The value of life-father mother to reflect the decades of love, indulge in her depend on; And the father died suddenly, is dependent on the mother leave; She is suffering from "Parkinson's" after more than ten years, to take care of her father who leave; Year nearly 75-year-old mother follow me this only son live together, almost cannot provide for oneself "Parkinson's" symptoms of normal life go to bring. "Saying", but the mother of the job, as she can't help shaking hands and jitter, as if a launch motor drives her arm. Shaking on the mouth of your job, also the shaking bowl chopsticks to pull, use unimaginably hard, can eat that sustain her body function of food; Sitting on the sofa, her legs shaking hands, constantly, make the broadcast TV screen of the appearance colour, bright blue, in her can't control the helpless, murky light, heavy haze. I took my mother, to China henan each big hospital treatment. Each time back to YiHeHe drugs, all from the heart hope it is bring us happy color; White physician, is will tremble away the angels. But, and again frustrated with disappointment, with trembling mother... To me, no give up on mother Parkinson's disease treatment, constantly ask around asking, because I always believe that five line of XiangShengXiangKe and depend on each other, each other, and the restriction of the evolution of the basic rule, any things appear will disappear. Through the information collected at home and abroad and I found in the treatment of Parkinson's disease method. I'm a year and a half after the long road of the treatment, the mother's Parkinson's disease bring us the family dinner table in the joy, because mother took their jobs become be guided hand; Firmly sitting on the sofa legs, and make the TV show's return to appearance colour. From time to time, the hospitalization in, Chinese massage, western medicine inspection, the secrete recipe, not only spent tens of thousands of yuan, more time in my heart to burst the hope, and now mother in my treatment just one years of unremitting insist on treatment, but it gave us family even neighborhood surprise, neighbor of uncle aunt to see my mother's symptoms after the quite by surprise. Now the mother from treatment to medicine don't eat, her Parkinson's disease is completely free. Because I know Parkinson's disease is by the British people find, from Parkinson's disease found to have been in the circulating in the world for 195 years, until now no drugs or surgery can treatment, I through the comprehensive research and treatment in recent years found, Parkinson's disease can effect a radical cure, and the treatment method is very simple very practical, more do not need to spend a lot of money can get control, and still don't need any medical treatment. I give the mother's treatment of Parkinson's disease method is; 1 and preparation of the massage acupuncture points; (through the mother's massage can stimulate brain nerve, change the brain dopamine produce, through regulating body massage the meridian, through internal dredge massage can effectively control the spread of Parkinson's disease. 2, good family care protection (summary nursing home care have "eight note"); Do nursing home care can make the patient in psychological, physical with better treatment of Parkinson's disease. Three, to make the whole body mother exercise plan (with CD); Mother to make exercise every day plan, and ensure all day of the body joints get activities, promote the blood circulation. If have Parkinson's disease who want to try my treatment, in my of work I may help in the treatment of free, hope my treatment to help more people with Parkinson's to health! Give family happiness! Mailbox;
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