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MRSA on my dog
My dog has been diagnosed with MRSA 2 months ago. We still have no idea how he got it. I've spent over $ 3,000...More
Posted by Milo84
Reply: red eyes
Could it be allergies? How long has this been going on?
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: Quiet old himalayan cat suddenly meows a lot.
That kind of change could indicate discomfort, fear, or confusion. By the way, even if your kitty only drinks...More
Posted by rohvannyn
My 4 year old Chesapeake Bay retriever started having tremors this morning in his rear end??? He had knee...More
Posted by An_264426
We live on acreage and have a 17 yr old lab mix who got something in her mouth which caused an abscess. The...More
Posted by gentledove
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pinkish red discharge
my 6 year old shihtzu/terrier mix had her spay almost 10 days ago...i noticed pinkish red discharge coming...More
Posted by Aimee421973
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Should Michael Vick be allowed to own a dog?
Never! He knew this was wrong and against the law. He should be placed on a nationwide animal abuser...More
Posted by CentralMichigander
Reply: Vestibular syndrome? Stroke? My cat Kobe's story.....
I'm having a hard time understanding how this could be vestibular syndrome, since it only accounts for a few...More
Posted by rohvannyn
*** Flagyl / metronidazole neurotoxicity - my dog ...
Hello everyone. Want to get this information out there, because hindsight being what it is, hopefully this...More
Posted by LorenRose
How safe is bladder stone removal procedure?
Hi, our 9yo Bichon needs to have a collection of smaller stones removed. They have begun to shift around...More
Posted by YanniandEnya
Reply: Generic of Atopica: effective and the same?
For a medication to be considered a generic, it has to have the same active ingredient as the brand in the...More
Posted by rohvannyn
i think my cat ate my cymbalta
Our 3 ear old cat had gotten into something and we disnt know what so at 1:00 a.m. went to the 24 hour vet...More
Posted by denisedyks
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Our jack Russell is having the same symtoms; what can we do?
Posted by undefined
pain meds for kittens
trying to ask a vet about pain meds for kittens. My barn kitten was missing for three days. He showed up...More
Posted by An_264278
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Reply: Dog episodes of uncontrolled licking and gulping
Well, my 3 month old puppy started gulping, licking and head jerking 3 days ago. I had pest control come...More
Posted by Lexijen2000
Puppy gulping/licking
Well, my 3 month old puppy started gulping, licking and head jerking 3 days ago. I had pest control come...More
Posted by Lexijen2000
Reply: My Boston Terrier is yelping in pain and I have no...
My 12 yr old Boston Terrier began panting all the time. He then wasn't walking right, his hind legs didn't seem...More
Posted by jant123
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Reply: Vectra 3D caused my dog to be VERY restless & fidg...
Hi Deanie - just wanted to thank you (and the others) for posting about your experience. I'm "replying" to...More
Posted by CoveInMaine
Reply: constipated cat
I'm glad your boy is feeling better. Psyllium does the same thing I was suggesting the pumpkin for, so I'm...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: Dog panics at sunset
It was the fourth of july a little over two months ago. Was she outside? If she's scared of fireworks, maybe...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: bright red color
I've never had problems with any form of Friskies, wet or dry. Other foods, yes. It's definitely good to talk...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Skin Tag/Cyst/Tick on Dog's Head?
My 14 year-old dog has been getting this strange bump in the same spot over the last three months. I will admit...More
Posted by nblosse
Reply: Cat has bad gash on head, help?
Hello. How is your cat doing today? Is her cut still open and bleeding/emitting the "goo" you described? If...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Lump on dog's right rib cage
My dog is 7 her names dreamer. About 3-4 months ago I felt my dogs side. She had a lump on the right side and I...More
Posted by life003
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Reply: Cats eating toilet paper
Not a very knowledgable answer. Not all cats that eat toilet paper do it because they are playing with it,...More
Posted by thistleberry
Liver damage question
Hi, I have a maltese and she's 5 years old. Recently, she became very sick -- she was starting to become...More
Posted by danielle826
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Dog double swallowing fits, licking floor anxiousl...
Did your dog get better? My toy poodle is also obsessively licking his lips and the floors, and all over...More
Posted by mytoysnoopy
Reply: Does canned food turn red at night
First, cat food can't get infected because it isn't alive. Second, it's sounding like some of these cat foods...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: Anemia treatments
Check with the vet, but meat is good for people or dogs who need more iron. Red meat, liver, organ meats....More
Posted by rohvannyn
Younger dog, just one year old,undiagnosed pain in...
One of our dogs, a female just over one year old, shows signs of pain in her hind quarters. Sometimes it seems...More
Posted by phoghat


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