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Reply: Dog large tumor
We have a 10 year old Golden Retriever and we have just discovered she has a large mass close to her hip that...More
Posted by multipro
Reply: Do you feed your dog people food?
I have a pack of small rescue dogs. They love many fresh veggies including lettuce, broccoli, carrots, green...More
Posted by dianer01
Grooming Gloves - a gentler way to groom your cat
I just got two grooming gloves and wanted to share my experience with them. I have a floofy long haired...More
Posted by rohvannyn
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Reply: Fleas: Myths and Facts
There are some natural remedies out there that are plent based. Keep in mind that just because it's from a...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: Should I put my dog to sleep
Thank you for your response. It does not appear that he is really suffering any since he does not ever...More
Posted by ralphgator
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Reply: Dog's belly skin turning from pink to black -- why...
6 years ago my dog had extensive lower back surgery. Some time after that he developed frequent ear infections...More
Posted by tobikea
Reply: Dog bit buy red ants
I don't know if this will help or not. I was told if I got stung by a bee that to cut an onion and put it on the...More
Posted by thefin
Hair Loss on older dog
I have a 13 year old newfie and lab mix dog. The last time I had his fur trimmed was in June. His fur is growing...More
Posted by thefin
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Reply: Dog double swallowing fits, licking floor anxiousl...
I just came across this site. Thank you for your post, I am taking my dog to the vet tomorrow because...More
Posted by welshterriermom
Itchy Cat, need some advice
So my female ~12 yr old calico has been dealing with excessive itching for about the past year. She...More
Posted by itchycat1
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Reply: 8 month GSD not gaining weight!! Any help apreciat...
I have a 10 month old GSD weighing in at 50 lbs. He looks like skin draped over a skeleton. He has had...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: Frantic Licking
Our 10 year old Jack Russell has exhibited the same behavior several times. We have found that Pepto Bismol...More
Posted by nhgolfer
Posted by vickip1

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How do I cure KLEBPNEUMONIAE and STAPHPSEUDINTERMEDUS in a a 7Yr. old Bloodhound that's becoming blind form it- Treated with BAYTRILL (3) weeks Azithrimycin 250mk Z Pack 1 wk and Ciprofloxacin 7750 mg 2xs day will continue for 2 more wks PLEASE HELP DEEZZLL IS GOING BLIND!!
  • Cureable and how long will it take- Right Medicine??
  • Incurable? No drugs strong enough too kill the bacteria?
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Reply: Should Michael Vick be allowed to own a dog?
I don't think he should be allowed to own any animals. But I do think he should haft to volunteer his...More
Posted by stefferbug2003
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Reply: Elderly Cat
My cat is about the same age Bubba. He's a Main Coon big cat. was weighing in at about 21 to 23 pounds...More
Posted by stefferbug2003
Reply: 6 month old puppy dies at the animal hospital.
I'm so sorry that you lost your friend. Its hard to give you any advice because the vet may not have...More
Posted by stefferbug2003
Reply: Help with kitten!
A qtip is paper and loose cotton. This will not digest properly in your cats stomach. You need to take...More
Posted by stefferbug2003

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My kitten swallowed a q-tip whole is she going to be ok??? I need some replys people! Give me your thoughts on this situation! It wasn't just a piece of a q tip or a chewed up Qtip it was a whole one! Is this going to digest? Will the stomach acid break down the Q tip and pass?
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Reply: My Boston Terrier is yelping in pain and I have no...
My 8 year old boston has recently started ( within the last 2 weeks) having issues too. She is a very active,...More
Posted by aprmanrp
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Dog has growth on eyelid
My 9 yr old Weimaraner has a good size growth on her eyelid-maybe about 1/4" now. I have very careful...More
Posted by jerseygirl471
Reply: Cat was not urinating at all, brought him to the v...
Poor Boo! I really hope he feels better soon.
Posted by rohvannyn
Swollen Eye
Within the last 48 hours, I have noticed my 10 year-old cat's left eye completely swollen shut. There also...More
Posted by wagcats
My cat isn't drinking much or eating much
I have a 2 year old male tabby. He has two water bowls and they are changed daily. He eats just dry food...More
Posted by givethanx4all
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Reply: Head tremors in dog
That is really interesting to read. I have a white Staffordshire bull terrier who is now 11. He has had head...More
Posted by dawnikins
Reply: Dominating specific dog.
First of all, is your lab/border collie neutered? If not, you might want to consider that. Humping can be a...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Simpleguard3 is vectra
Picked up simpleguard3 for my small dogs which is the same thing as vectra 3d just renamed. After applying it...More
Posted by tabbie123
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Reply: My dog has stage V Lymphoma
James, My heart breaks for your family. I am a single professional with a 12 year old minpin/boston...More
Posted by ilovedarla
Similarly puzzled! 2 dogs in same household with t...
Hi all, I've never posted on here but just had to sign up/contribute to this thread. I found this board...More
Posted by kyraehayes
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Reply: Dog episodes of uncontrolled licking and gulping
My dog just started doing this last month, and it sounds exactly the same - only at night, licking the...More
Posted by misslissylou
is this an autoimmune disease?
the cat is several months old. from the start she had this problem but with time it got worse. it...More
Posted by darkodarkodarko
Reply: Does canned food turn red at night
I'm having the exact same issue with cans of wet dog food, from two different brands, Iam's high-calorie and...More
Posted by undefined


Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM, is a small animal internal medicine consultant for Phoenix Central Laboratory, an independent veterinary diagnostic laborat...More

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Excellent website for information on parasites in dogs and catsExpert
I just conducted a seminar and hands-on demonstration on diagnosis of fecal parasites to veterinarians and technicians. An excellent ... More
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