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How to tell if our cat is recovering from Pancreat...
A while ago one of our outdoor cats disappeared, and we thought she was killed by a coyote since she wasn't...More
Posted by An_265199
What should I do if my 24 lb Cavaton dog ate a pus...
A pushpin is one with a 1/2" plastic knob - shape like a chess pawn - and about 1/4" fairly thick needle,...More
Posted by cavatonowner
I'm a member of a golden retriever rescue group in NJ. We're rescuing golden retrievers from Istanbul Turkey...More
Posted by mcgoldens5
Dog fearful/crying after my child's seizure
My 14 month old daughter had a febrile seizure Saturday evening. For the few days since then my 8.5 yr old...More
Posted by An_265063
chattering teeth HELP
My old boy, Deacon (with enlarged heart), started chattering his teeth about 1 mo. ago. He started in bed...More
Posted by kittynthepups
Need advise asap.
My little chihuahua was bitten on the head and neck today by a giant old yellow lab. These two have dominant...More
Posted by HotBlue75
Sick Pup
in the last 3 days my dog has become itchy rubbing her eyes and back lethargic, dry nose,drinking more water...More
Posted by cdeniston
Coughing on feather
I am not exactly sure what my dog is coughing on, but I have a good idea it is a down feather from under the...More
Posted by Theia1
My dog seemed lifeless in his sleep
I have a 3yr male shiz tzu/yorkie. Las night out of no where around 4am I hear this loud moan/scream. It sounded...More
Posted by Naz09
abnormal skin growth and blackheads causing itchin...
Hi, my Monster is a 9-yr old indoor cat, not very active as she is half blind and has CRF. She always has...More
Posted by An_264957
Incorrect Application
Just switched from Frontline to Vectra and I carelessly assumed it was applied the same way. I applied the full...More
Posted by Twig8
Incorrect Application
Just switched from Frontline to Vectra and I carelessly assumed it was applied the same way. I applied the full...More
Posted by Twig8
Cat Allergies
My cat suffers from allergies. He is stuffy, and sneezes a lot. He eats and drinks normally. Goes to the...More
Posted by apache1973
Which skin condition is this?
It's a recent development in the last few weeks - before that, it was just kind of a bald spot. We haven't got...More
Posted by kandeta
My 11 year old Jack Russell Max Acting Strangely
My J11 year old Jack Russel has recently started hiding and will not come out when I find him and call...More
Posted by MyJackRussel
seeking some closure
My Cocker Spaniel died yesterday and am not really sure why. For the last several months I have noticed...More
Posted by bstjames00
Dog with splenic tumor and probable hemangiosarcom...
My dog is about a 13 year old mixed breed with presenting mostly as a dauchund. We were told she has chow in...More
Posted by An_264841
Jack Russel won't eat her food anymore. Do I go to...
My Jack Russel is 1 year old. Now usually I would have gone to the vet immediately, but her energy levels...More
Posted by ClumsyNinja
stumbling and falling
I have a 4 year old boxer who today was fine one second and then stumbled around and fell down. Very...More
Posted by Grandmere409
8 yr old Shih Tzu Screamed last night!
OMG, I am so grateful to find this online. My Shih Tzu woke me up this morning with the most horrible...More
Posted by zambonizima
My Havanese was born in April. Vet suggesting next week plus pulling baby teeth any advice?
Posted by Blancheu
Dig Sitting: depressed or ill?
Hey there, We are dog sitting a 3 year old sharpei-australian shepherd mix for 2 months. 4 weeks...More
Please help! Cat increased sleeping and decreased ...
Hello, I have a cat who within the past few days has been sleeping more than usual and has not been...More
Posted by catlover94
can-c for dogs cataracts
Good morning. I ask for a help please. I'm an Italian girl, I would like to inquire about "can c" eye drops....More
Posted by geloso
Please help understand why my 3 year old frenchy d...
Hello. I am just trying to find out why my dog died. It was a french bulldog. He was 3 years old. On Thursday...More
Posted by satkutis
2 moth old pitbull
my sisters two month old pitbull has loose stools and eating mom and sis don't know what...More
My dog is acting strange
My dog woke me up at 3 in the morning and got on my back to wake me up. I tried to let her outside to relieve...More
Posted by An_264616
Dog Riding in Car
My 5 year old, 7 pound Yorkie absolutely hates to ride in a car! When she's out of her crate, in the backseat,...More
Posted by JanS717
Actual problem or am I nuts?
4 days ago we noticed that my dog was kind of rolling out his tongue as if something was stuck and he was...More
Posted by felixsky77
panic attacks?
My dog tends to throw up and most of the time after she goes into this little phase to where her paws won't...More
Posted by An_264524


William Draper, DVM, better known as "Dr. Will," is a well-known small animal practitioner in the Atlanta, GA area. He grew up in Inglewood,...More

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How to Get Your Cat in a CarrierExpert
Trying to get your cat in a carrier for a trip to the veterinarians or road trip can be extremely frustrating. Some how a 10# cat that ... More
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