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911 ! Ioticed that her LEFT EYE looking inward kin...
I have a 5 year old yellow lab , Female I have just noticed her left eye is looking inward kind of like a...More
Posted by An_260326
My dog has a lot of issues, but now she's licking ...
So my dog has a ridiculous amount of issues, and its made me super paranoid about new ones popping up, so I very...More
Posted by jmc454
dry skin, bumps, hair loss
I have a female blue pit and I've tried everything to try to get rid of her dry skin. She lost hair, she has...More
Posted by kennyd2882

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How do I get rid of dry skin on my blue pit, she has bad dandruff, dry skin, bumps, n now hair loss.please help me bc I feel so bad for my dog
  • I tried everything
  • baths
  • oil sprays
  • brushing her
  • I just need help
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Arthritic Dalmatian with Other Health Issues
My 12 year old Dalmatian, Zuni, is in need of meds for his arthriris that 1) will not interact with his daily...More
Posted by dawnmeier
excessive drooling and licking fur
Today I came home from work and both of my labs are salivating like I am not thinking it has...More
Posted by lovelabs13
What could be wrong with my dogs nose?
We have a 4 year old Samoyed. For the past few week his nose has been going through some changes in look...More
Posted by mrandmrscash
Dog Skin Problems
Hello, I am here in hopes that maybe another dog owner has run into the same issue and was able to get...More
Posted by enezbitt
Cat -- possible allergy symptoms or other?
Hi --- I have three cats in my home....two of them are brother and sister from the same litter. The brother...More
Posted by ddcatmama84
Distemper shots - 1 yr vs 3 yr ?
I just talked to a person at the vet hospital in another town where my 6 yr old mini-schnauzer was formerly...More
Posted by dogloverep
7yr Old Pit Bull Behavior
I have a 7yr old pit bull that has always been very "whiny" but within the past 2yrs (especially recently) he...More
Posted by An_260180
Labrador not eating properly
Hi, I have a Labrador retriever. He is 9 1/2 year old. For past 20 days, he is not taking his food...More
Posted by shashanktyagi
Lungworm in kitten
I have a six month old (feral) kitten that I got from the SPCA. I have taken him to the vets five times in...More
Posted by An_260158
do dogs have wet dreams
Well i can state dogs definitely do have wet dreams. My boy was asleep then jumped up and appeared to...More
Posted by bulldogladys
shihtzu cataract
I guess iam a bad dog owner but I would still like to know what can be done to prevent cataract or blindness...More
Posted by lisakaplan
anal sacs
if the anal sacs are full could thiscause pain in a dog
Posted by zooeycan
I need help!
I have a pekingese dog and I think that he has a broken leg. He is a year old and I'm really scared for him...More
Posted by plshelpsos
Torn ACL
My 10 year old female pitbull mix has a torn ACL. At her age is it fair to put her through this surgery or...More
Posted by thebean
Jack Russell
10 year old jack Russell licking privates and seeming to have sore backend. Always wants to go for walks and...More
Posted by pegnyny
Jack Russell
10 year old jack Russell licking privates and seeming to have sore backend. Always wants to go for walks and...More
Posted by pegnyny
cataracts shihtzu
My dog Buddy has a cataract in his left eyeand is probably blind in that eye. the other eye seems okay.he is...More
Posted by lisakaplan
My baby
Hi. My 7 yr old female shih tzu is whining when I pet or touch her hind legs.. she does it when I touch...More
Posted by rwilliams1875
Cat just diagnosed
My not quite 13 yo cat was diagnosed with kidney failure on Tuesday and now he is at the vet having dialysis. I...More
Posted by niknik2
I have a Begal that is almost ten, and has had a sensitive stomach his whole life. So i have to be very...More
Posted by petielis55

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My question is what is it when he throws up a fomey, yellowish liquid? He doesn't do it that much,but when he does it's a two or three times for a week.
  • This could just be some bowel fluid.
  • This is normal and don't be alarmed.
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Need some help my cat is losing weight for unknown...
I have 10 year old female cat. I believe she getting skinnier and I have notice that her hip bone is...More
Posted by blueeyes6270

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Help please!
  • Remedy
  • Gain weight back
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Cat with skin issues, enlarged lymph nodes and tem...
1 1/2 year old domestic tabby that started over- grooming 6 months ago. Went on vacation in August and left...More
Posted by An_259988
What are these growths on my little man?
I have an 8 year old pure blood basset hound. He was a rescue dog from a puppy mill/hoarder. I've had him...More
Posted by lamarity
Help for my dog
My Dog has been acting really weird lately and has been walking weird and wobbly sort of like he is...More
Posted by prayerclosetone
not pooing
I took my dog to the vet because she wasn't pooing and seemed off. Eating, drinking and playing, but cranky....More
Posted by bookum
Small amount of blood in diarrhea - stress related...
My pomeranian has diarrhea with tiny drops of blood in it. It started last night around 11 pm, and since then...More
Posted by An_259903


William Draper, DVM, better known as "Dr. Will," is a well-known small animal practitioner in the Atlanta, GA area. He grew up in Inglewood,...More

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Just feed them ?
I caught my dog frantically licking the floor in the middle of the night last night. I took her outside and she started eating dry leaves ... More
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