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I need some help
I have a 8month out Shepard mix who wont eat or drink. My boyfriend and I got her and her twin sister, (Mia...More
Posted by An_263375
Dog seizure
my 17 year old dog seems to having seizures. He gets excited and pants, then he sprawls out on the floor and...More
Posted by An_263372
My boxer is freaking out.
I have a 15 month old male boxer. This is the third night in a row that he pants heavily and hos whole...More
Posted by caitie_shields
Hot areas on my dogs body
I have noticed recently my dog will have an area about the size of my palm between his shoulder blades that...More
Posted by sunfist
Trifexis Heartworm and flea medicine...
Help. I have two dogs 5 & 7 years old and last year we starting using the Trifexis at my vets...More
Posted by An_263271
Our Pom is almost 10 years old. She is a larger Pom- she was up to 16, she wouldn't much pounds. Ifed her very...More
Posted by gr0ndpaw
Looking for answers how an erection killed our dog...
This isn't a joke; this is a grief stricken parent looking for answers. Our beloved husky of 10 years (young...More
Posted by tcohenatl
What is wrong with my dog?
Hi,my dog has been acting strange today. I thought she just had a cold from the change of our weather. She is...More
Posted by jinlplay
My dogs hind legs won't work
my cocka-poo is 7 very healthy very very active playful layer down 3 days ago and has been laying ever...More
Posted by donzieruth61
My cat ate a 60mg cymbalta Thursday night, should ...
my cat was fine Thursday playing etc. Woke up Fri.morning very lethargic! thought maybe it was the heat. She...More
Posted by An_263183

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"my cat Molly ate a 60mg Cymbalta, should she go to the vet "?
Dog elbow fusing or amputation
My Westie that is 1 1/2 years old had her elbow damaged by a Pitbull attack about 6 weeks ago. She...More
Posted by kdondero8792
Itchy skin/chews/bites/make himself bleed
I am shocked how many of you are describing my Shihtzu, he is 11 this year and is our gentle giant, would...More
Posted by ladymac2015
Vets can't figure out what's wrong with my dog.
I have a 3 year old St. Bernard mix that over the past 8 weeks has rapidly declined. It started 7 weeks...More
Posted by maizenblue88
my shih tzu's making loud inhaling sounds
i'm worried because my shih tzu, who is about to be 7, started making noises while breathing in air and he has...More
Posted by lecaks
Shoulder swelling and tenderness after cancer surg...
About 3 months ago my then 11.5 year old mutt had an excision of a large malignant mammary tumor behind left...More
Posted by syrio
How to train your dog for the first time?
hi.. my dog is golden retriever but I don't know how to train the dog this is my first time to have a dog.. ?...More
Posted by An_262838
My dog is part shepherd (2 1\2 years old) and he has been having seizures not many, he's had 3 in the past 6...More
Posted by mmarley57
My dog is part shepherd (2 1\2 years old) and he has been having seizures not many, he's had 3 in the past 6...More
Posted by mmarley57
Vectra 3D should be BANNED!!!!
My husband ran across this board the day AFTER we had placed this on our 16 lb Beagle and 55 lb Bulldog. He...More
Posted by kellygirl11
Semi Feral Indoor Pet Cat
I have adopted a semi feral cat and rescued her from a life on the streets. In the meantime she has had a litter...More
Posted by eve247
Growth on eyelid
My 16 year old dog has a growth on her eyelid. It looks like a cyst it is red . It is large enough now that it...More
Posted by maxamity
Is keeping an elderly German shorthair pointer confined 24/7 to a 2x3 foot carrier/crate indoors during...More
Posted by dougcatz
Yellowish area on belly from urine/dirt
We just got a rescue dog about two months ago. She is only 8 lbs so her belly is close to the ground. She...More
Posted by ricknroni
Mouthwash for Dogs
Is it possible that us having used Crest Mouthwash to regularly clean our dog's teeth, caused his kidneys to...More
Posted by cahoona
obsessive behavior
I have a 3 year old boxer, not neutered. In the last few months he has had some unusual and annoying...More
Posted by furbabymomma
Does anyone have any experience with canine polymyositis? Our 2 yr old pup was diagnosed before he turned 1....More
Posted by An_262925
Help! My dog hates me because of new puppy!
I have a 4 year old Chorkie who has always been the princess of the house. She's great with other dogs,...More
Posted by dzimmer06
Cat breathing noisy
First I've taken my 13 year old cat to two vets spent 500$ on tests and labs and everything came back fine, they...More
Posted by mquirk
breathing problems in chichuchuas
I have found myself in the same position as chilipepper54 from 3 yrs ago. if you would please inform me on what...More
Posted by deablo


William Draper, DVM, better known as "Dr. Will," is a well-known small animal practitioner in the Atlanta, GA area. He grew up in Inglewood,...More

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