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Puppy and adult dog issues
I have a 3 1/2 year old Shih Tzu/Terrie female. We just bought a Siberian Husky puppy home. The two are not...More
Posted by lmp52485
dog may have ate a sock how can i help him
hi i have a big problem i believe! my dog hasn't had a bowl movement in two days and last night i think he...More
Posted by wicketone
Tooth Problem
My 6 1/2 year old toy poodle gets his teeth brushed nightly, but some teeth are loose. Too much tug of war?...More
Posted by GenericD
7 yr old shih tzu - severe anemia
My 7 y/o female shih-tzu is battling her second bout of severe anemia. Began in March of this year....More
Posted by ilovemyshihtzu
Cat eating more all of a sudden
My 1 year old male outdoor cat stopped eating all of a sudden and was showing no other symptom,I describe this...More
Posted by ritikaa
How to stop bleeding on cat's ear.
My 12 year old tabby developed what looked like a "blood blister" on the outside of his ear a year ago. One...More
Posted by lindya87
Vectra 3D
Last night I applied several drops of this poison to my 2 yr. Old champion pug. This evening he seemed...More
Posted by morningglory1954
Vectra 3D
it's 4 in the morning and I just finished reading all your comments....thank the Lord I found these...More
Posted by morningglory1954
Is it safe for 15 yr old dog to have surgery
My dog is about 15 years old and he has a growth on his side a bit smaller than a soccer ball. Would it...More
Posted by pahrump2861
My little dog Honey is a rescue. She was about 14 months when we got her. She was skinny to the bone and...More
Posted by txrebel1961
Red dots/rashes on dogs belly
noticed, tonight, that my dog has some red bumps on her belly. she is a 3 year old brindle pug/beagle...More
Posted by peppers_momma
My small dog throwing up and losing weight fast
Hi, my doxie has lost a considerable amount of weight and has been throwing up for over a week now;...More
Posted by mskeeta
Dog in kidney failure
Our 7 year old cockapoo is having kidney failure, he spent a week in the hospital on IV's and getting...More
Posted by lilypad2003
dog cataracts
Hi, My dalmatian is 7 1/2 yrs old and has Addison Disease [which is under control> had a blood...More
Posted by marinaanddave
Older cat with artritis
Hi, I have a 20 year old cat who has artritis in his hind quarters. I give him cosequin for cats and Nordic...More
Posted by Sampson14
Puppy sick?
Ok so im very worried about my puppy. She is only 2 months old. She keeps shaking and her stools are...More
Posted by ravenelizabeth7843
Broken front left leg.
4year old. Male pit mix, very mellow. I am on a fixed income.and I need to know what do for him. I have it...More
Posted by t10jcn
hair loss
4 yr old bloodhound/ coonhound mix. He developed nickle sized bald spots on his sides & belly area. does...More
Posted by fishn50
My parent's 10 year old female husky is overweight as they feed her table scraps and dog cheap dog food, she...More
Posted by im4egypt
long nails on my dog's paws
I have a large mixed breed male dog. He weighs around 85 lbs. and his toe nails have gotten too long. He's...More
Posted by erniebb
long nails on my dof
I have a large mixed breed male dog. He weighs around 85 lbs. and his toe nails have gotten too long. He's...More
Posted by erniebb
Spots Covering Dogs Head.
Hi My dog has recently been getting pots all over her head. They range from small to about the size of...More
Posted by rudymollysylvia
sarcoma tumor in the mouth
My bitbull mix female was just diagnost with a sarcoma tumor in her mouth. Can anyone enlighten me as to what...More
Posted by An_263624
vectra 3d allergic
We gave my 15 pound Havanese Vectra 3D on Tuesday and he has been miserable ever since. He is crying and...More
Posted by An_263622
Male Cat Urinary Trouble
I have a fixed male cat with a history of bladder stones requiring surgery. He's been stone free for about...More
Posted by amandab1203
Shih-tzu seizures
We adopted a middle-aged 10 lb. shih-tzu dog with a heart murmur. A year later he had his first...More
Posted by mikeillinois
Dog acting wierd
I have a 4 year old pure breed, Yorkie. He's a 16 lb "throw Back" The last couple days he's acting strange....More
Posted by An_263562
4 Year German Shepherd-Seizure Like Spinning with ...
I have a 4 year German Shepherd that once every few months has this seizure like episode. She spins in circles...More
Posted by dougj59
Picky Eater
Lately my dog has become very picky on what she wants to eat. She is a 15 year old border collie. She been to...More
Posted by An_263540
Rabie and Distmeper shot made my cat sick
My 14 year old male cat got his 3-year Rabie and Distemper shot yesterday,.. Now he is laying around sick, and...More
Posted by ruthmay


William Draper, DVM, better known as "Dr. Will," is a well-known small animal practitioner in the Atlanta, GA area. He grew up in Inglewood,...More

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How to Get Your Cat in a CarrierExpert
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