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Labrador Health Problems
I am writing to see if anyone has experience with Labrador health problems.. a lot of them! Our dog, Nova, blew...More
Posted by bsydow
dogs & chocolate
My dog just enjoyed a reese's peanut butter cup (.55oz). What can I expect
Posted by crdort
Srstephanie, a questin about your lovely cat
Your cat looks a lot like mine. Mine is also calico, with about the same color eyes and the same length of...More
Posted by rohvannyn
please help
my female cat asha was diagnosed with a high wbc (80,000). she was fine just a couple days ago and now the...More
Posted by An_261022
Hello All!
My name is mabel, I am new here. I have 3 dogs ,1 cat and i just love them, They are my best pals who have...More
Posted by mabel222
Heart Murmur
Please help, I got an English Bulldog puppy just after Christmas and my vet says he has a grade III/VI...More
Posted by sparlatti
Hi, I have two cats who normally eat dry Proplan. This week my 5 year old Holly got very sick. I took her to...More
Posted by luvcats59
dog can not eat
my dog had been eating three times a day, then she started to (i thought) being picky about what she would...More
Posted by An_260978
I have a yellow lab who is a little other 3 months. Jan 8th 2015 I noticed she went Pee and it was...More
Posted by alishaarellano2015
not eatting
Can someone surjust some thing just got a ten week old german shepherd and yesterday was ill and today took...More
Posted by An_260962
dog throwing white formy saliva
hi i have 3 weeks puppy, she ate somthing big in plastic ,but that not come out during her pooping, after 24...More
Posted by An_260952
My Maltese is waking up with severe pain!
I have a 8 year old Maltese who started acting strange since last night. I noticed he would whimper when he...More
Posted by seungyup
What color should my dogs ashes be?
After nearly sixteen years of life, my beloved treasured friend finally passed away on his own accord. I chose...More
Posted by huskyman
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Histiocytoma Treatment?
My almost four year old mini dachshund has what our vet said is probably a benign histiocytoma on her head....More
Posted by stephjoy
steroids and urinating
I have a 7 year old plott hound that I rescued 6 months ago. When I took her to my vet she was diagnosed with...More
Posted by eemmett
Sores in My Cats Mouth
My 10 year old female shorthair mixed breed cat has small red areas in the back of her mouth - very painful...More
Posted by An_260855
Sick cat
My cat is 4 months old. I adopted her from a shelter. She has had all of her shots, everything is up...More
Posted by daniellelynn89
Dog Has Fluid in Lungs but No Heart Failure
Dear WebMD Community: My lovely Cavalier King Charles (6 years old) has been coughing for a few months. The...More
Posted by fay77
Pet Licking
I have a 4yr old golden retriever & she starting licking the carpet & floors excessively & then...More
Posted by An_260791
Fleas still on cat and in daughters hair
Hi a few months back my indoor cat escaped and ended up at the animal shelter until I had found him. He had...More
Posted by kalesalad27
skin colour changing
My female westie chiwawa mix is loosing her color of her beautiful pink belly n going black spots n white ...More
Posted by carmelmax
My dog that's about 1yr old had mustard yellow poo...
She's had a upset stomach it seems cause she is still active and runs and still wants to go outside she...More
Posted by barreth_2101
help !
My dog is having the same exact problem ! I have no clue what to do.. She is licking everything on my...More
Posted by ashleymarie546
How can I remove cactus micro-splinters from my do...
My dog was playing in the back yard and when she came inside I noticed that she had those tiny cacti...More
Posted by tiffanyvf
Kitten had to be put down FIP
Hi everyone, yesterday my kitten of 8 weeks had to be put down. I only had him for 4 days. It is still heart...More
Posted by An_260693
Vectra 3D made our dog crazy
He ran away -- first time on a walk, paying no attention to my shouts. Back at home he escaped from our...More
Posted by hortensia68
My Dog Has a Growth on his eye
My 12 year old golden has a growth on his lower eye lid. I know these things are expected at his age, but it's...More
Posted by melronan
Spinning Puppy
Hi: I have a 5 month old puppy that has spells of spinning around in circles. We have tested him twice for a...More
Posted by An_260532
Pulmonary hypertension in my 3 1/2 year old spring...
Today, 12/14/14, I learned that my family member, Zeus, a three year old Springer Spaniel is suspected of...More
Posted by zeus2020


Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM, is a small animal internal medicine consultant for Phoenix Central Laboratory, an independent veterinary diagnostic laborat...More

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Financial Help With Vet Bills
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