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I started something and don't know how to stop
I have two male cats, one is orange tabby (Tiger) and a black cat (Boo) that I got when they were about 4...More
Posted by cindigal
Guarding food
A year ago I adopted 2 Pekingese, a bonded pair, from the humane society who were found wandering together....More
Posted by scook52
2 problems with my cats, can you help?
My cats are one male to be 14 in July, on 3 meds for unspecified Intestinal problem, B12 shots, cortisone and...More
Posted by An_257041
Eight Year Old Wolfhound
We have an almost eight year old Irish Wolfhound. About 6 months ago we spread wood chips around in our...More
Posted by poopcmed
Severe Spinal Arthritis in Mixed Breed - hydrother...
Hello there. I have a 2 year old - shepherd mixed breed who have severe spinal arthritis from what they...More
Posted by brittcoop024
Includes Expert Content
Congestive heart failure guilt
Hey, I have a nearly 13 year old dachshund who was recently diagnosed with CHF after having a heart murmur...More
Posted by george5220
Includes Expert Content
the visit to the vet
hi, today my boyfriend came home to vomit on the floor & my chihuahua profusely licking the...More
Posted by tazthedog
do y'all think he might of got
...he seems to be getting better he still falls off to the side when he walks a little..we are about to go...More
Posted by jgonzalez915
puppy possibly got the wind knocked out of him sho...
I need help..we have a 7 month old Chiuahuah I let him out to potty then sent my five yr old daughter to...More
Posted by jgonzalez915
help! my dog wont eat or drink for 2 days
She is not eating or drinking and is not wanting to even get up from laying down. Her gums are a little...More
Posted by rochelledgreco
Includes Expert Content
Moving cross country with two cats
This summer, my partner and our two five year old cats will be moving from NYC to California. It seems...More
Posted by theresaanna

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Glycerin poisoning
I gave my five year old pug a new treat made in US for Canadian Corp. He woke three times last night with...More
Posted by pugdad
Includes Expert Content
Dog Screaming Head Back Walking Wobbly Seems Like ...
I just wanted to post this information with these ailments to help anyone that I can. My little boy...More
Posted by kevrock529
possible stroke
I fear my dog has had a stroke. She is 14 years old and had difficulty walking- she moved very slowly. When...More
Posted by debgregmax
Includes Expert Content
Sneezing/Reverse Sneezing/Wheezing
I have 3 dogs, 7 yr old Golden Retriever, 5 yr old Jack Russell, and 6 mo old Pit Bull. Within the last couple...More
Posted by amyd515
when is it time for euthanasia, how to be sure you...
My cat Boo just turned 17. she had a seizure feb 9th after 2 days of limping on rear rt leg. We thought...More
Posted by lovemypets40
Includes Expert Content
My dog is in pain
My 5 year old Shutzue/las apse had his hair cut yesterday. Today he went to the vet to be put to sleep...More
Posted by chaseaslanmom
Includes Expert Content
Please help. Symptoms
I have taken my dog to the vet 3 times. He is currently on antibiotics. I feel the money I have spent on the...More
Posted by sunny81979
Includes Expert Content
Hot Body
My 10 year old sitzu, at times gets a hot body. He can be sleeping and all of a sudden he whins and gets hot...More
Posted by creekally
Includes Expert Content
Cyst on Cat
My cat had a cyst and the liquid that was removed was a milky color, has anyone else had this happen or do you...More
Posted by wbrad54
Includes Expert Content
Cat ear- red and inflamed
My cat has been having spots in his ear that are red and/or inflamed. Sometimes they are puffy, other times...More
Posted by bvh52179
Hi, I have an American Staffordshire Terrier male, about 5 months old, the last week he has been having...More
Posted by phillip_1990

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Dog won't eat dog food.
My dog does not like dog food of any kind. He started eating chicken, then ground beef, etc. He would eat for a...More
Posted by clack01
my old dog has odstruction bcos of tumor
my 13 yr old lhasa terrier has been diagnosed with a tumor pressing on his intestines. He istarted vomiting...More
Posted by knowy
Blackstrap molasses for arthritis in dog
I have a 5 yr old Golden who has significant issues with arthritis. She takes Cosequin with MSM and DHA per...More
Posted by rbronso1
Blackstrap molasses for arthritis in dog
I have a 5 year old Golden who has significant issues with arthritis. She takes Cosequin with MSM and DHA per...More
Posted by rbronso1
Sick dog.
Dog has seizures then loses hind legs, #2 dog rapidly ages, both are crated lets say 85-95% #1 larger...More
Posted by ilovemypup7
Curam 625mg
Hello, I have a labrador who is 6 years old. He has elevated liver enzymes for a few years now. Currently,...More
Posted by An_256599
Includes Expert Content
westie with a growth on corner of eyelid
My westie is 10 years old. She has a growth on her eyelid or in the corner of her eye. We first noticed it...More
Posted by floridajoec


Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP, is one of the few board-certified feline specialists in the nation, having practiced medicine for more than 25 years. Weigner...More

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milk in nursing dogs
My chihuahua had 6 puppies on April 22nd and now seems to be running out of milk. Two of the six are not gaining weight and will not take ... More
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