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Semi Feral Indoor Pet Cat
I have adopted a semi feral cat and rescued her from a life on the streets. In the meantime she has had a litter...More
Posted by eve247
Growth on eyelid
My 16 year old dog has a growth on her eyelid. It looks like a cyst it is red . It is large enough now that it...More
Posted by maxamity
Is keeping an elderly German shorthair pointer confined 24/7 to a 2x3 foot carrier/crate indoors during...More
Posted by dougcatz
Yellowish area on belly from urine/dirt
We just got a rescue dog about two months ago. She is only 8 lbs so her belly is close to the ground. She...More
Posted by ricknroni
Mouthwash for Dogs
Is it possible that us having used Crest Mouthwash to regularly clean our dog's teeth, caused his kidneys to...More
Posted by cahoona
obsessive behavior
I have a 3 year old boxer, not neutered. In the last few months he has had some unusual and annoying...More
Posted by furbabymomma
Does anyone have any experience with canine polymyositis? Our 2 yr old pup was diagnosed before he turned 1....More
Posted by An_262925
Help! My dog hates me because of new puppy!
I have a 4 year old Chorkie who has always been the princess of the house. She's great with other dogs,...More
Posted by dzimmer06
Cat breathing noisy
First I've taken my 13 year old cat to two vets spent 500$ on tests and labs and everything came back fine, they...More
Posted by mquirk
breathing problems in chichuchuas
I have found myself in the same position as chilipepper54 from 3 yrs ago. if you would please inform me on what...More
Posted by deablo
Looks like my dog has some swollen gums & he's going to be 6 this year. He used to get yearly dental...More
Posted by kprice48bumex
Need help with 6 week old puppy
Hi I have a 6 week old puppy. For the last 2 weeks he has been having the weirdest episodes. It a started...More
Posted by healthygirl56
Cat spraying plastic bags.
My cat is about three years old, and she was fixed at 5-6 months old. We never used to have a problem,...More
Posted by An_262811
Contractions after puppy birth?
We have a 3 yr old boxer/American bulldog, she just had puppy's four days ago to 11 pups which we lost the...More
Posted by An_262769
Black Belly
I have a 1 year old Puggle / Boxer mix, and just yesterday her belly has turned black,. She had a very light...More
Posted by katieiris
My cat is dragging her back legs
My cat is 7yrs old she has been very healthy until a month ago she all sudden got constipated which i got...More
Posted by An_262747
Possible Dog seizures
Hi, my 11 year old dog recently started limping so we took her to vet and they gave her a steroid shot then...More
Posted by An_262741
Ataxic gait, Urinary incontinence, NEED SECOND OPI...
Husky/ Jingo mix. Adopted estimated at 4-6 years old 5 years ago. Now he is anywhere from 10-12 years old. ...More
Posted by An_262717
HELP: Liver Damage/Disease secondary to Pancreati...
I have a female rat terrier to recently had a bout of pancreatitis. Her weight at onset of pancreatitis was...More
Posted by ecmolpus
Sick(?) kitties
My wife Dawn & I have 2 kittens, one is a feral tabby cat about 8 months old, the other is a small black...More
Posted by An_262664
Excessive shedding
I have a short haired cat of unknown origin - he's a stray. His hair is very fine and he sheds in gobs. I...More
Posted by An_262636
Spaying led to muscle loss in Pomeranian dog
My female Pomeranian has had substantial muscle loss since her spay surgery in February. Her scent is also...More
Posted by An_262601
Pregnant Maltese swallowing like something is in h...
My maltese will swallow like she has something stuck in her throat! She does a wheezing sound on occasion R/T a...More
Posted by becksu
I tried every brand of canned food
At my wits end throwing out canned food. I had bought different kinds of food, not the expensive ones because...More
Posted by cindigal
Broken pelvis
My small breed dog was hit by a car on Tuesday and is on strict movement regulations. The vet wants her...More
Posted by mrsnewton14
Dog with previous cataract surgery having more iss...
My 7-year old lhasa apso had cataract surgery 5-1/2 years ago. A few months ago his pressures went up and...More
Posted by doggiemomma
Older dog-shaking at night-does not stay on bed
Hello. I have a healthy 12 yr old beagle/terrier mix. Other than her slight hearing issues she is in great...More
Posted by ladyshowbiz
8 year old sheltie with possible bone cancer?
Hello, I have an 8 year old male sheltie named Rocky. He has been limping for about a month now on his front...More
Posted by rocky8588
My 11 year old German Shepard/Akita has had diarrhea for a few weeks. She had been eating Beneful and I changed...More
Posted by nonna75
Siberian Husky Problems
Well I was just looking at my husky today and noticed that one of his eyes has changed a different color...More
Posted by cheyenne0709


William Draper, DVM, better known as "Dr. Will," is a well-known small animal practitioner in the Atlanta, GA area. He grew up in Inglewood,...More

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