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Grooming Gloves - a gentler way to groom your cat
I just got two grooming gloves and wanted to share my experience with them. I have a floofy long haired...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Do you feed your dog people food?
H ere is a good slideshow on people foods that dogs can eat. I will occasionally give my dog some...More
Posted by atti_editor
Hair Loss on older dog
I have a 13 year old newfie and lab mix dog. The last time I had his fur trimmed was in June. His fur is growing...More
Posted by thefin
Itchy Cat, need some advice
So my female ~12 yr old calico has been dealing with excessive itching for about the past year. She...More
Posted by itchycat1
Posted by vickip1

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How do I cure KLEBPNEUMONIAE and STAPHPSEUDINTERMEDUS in a a 7Yr. old Bloodhound that's becoming blind form it- Treated with BAYTRILL (3) weeks Azithrimycin 250mk Z Pack 1 wk and Ciprofloxacin 7750 mg 2xs day will continue for 2 more wks PLEASE HELP DEEZZLL IS GOING BLIND!!
  • Cureable and how long will it take- Right Medicine??
  • Incurable? No drugs strong enough too kill the bacteria?
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Dog bit buy red ants
My boy Bear got bites all over his inner thighs , bottom, tail ,feet . Is there something I can use on a...More
Posted by stefferbug2003
Swollen Eye
Within the last 48 hours, I have noticed my 10 year-old cat's left eye completely swollen shut. There also...More
Posted by wagcats
My cat isn't drinking much or eating much
I have a 2 year old male tabby. He has two water bowls and they are changed daily. He eats just dry food...More
Posted by givethanx4all
Cat was not urinating at all, brought him to the v...
One of my cats (Boo) lately I noticed that he was not drinking water nor going to the litter box. The poor...More
Posted by cindigal
Dominating specific dog.
My dog, a 1.5 year old lab/border collie, has an obsession with my best friends dog who is a 10 month...More
Posted by An_259107
Simpleguard3 is vectra
Picked up simpleguard3 for my small dogs which is the same thing as vectra 3d just renamed. After applying it...More
Posted by tabbie123
Should I put my dog to sleep
I have a Shih Tzu who is 12 1/2 years old. He has been diagnosed with Cushing's disease and has also...More
Posted by ralphgator
Similarly puzzled! 2 dogs in same household with t...
Hi all, I've never posted on here but just had to sign up/contribute to this thread. I found this board...More
Posted by kyraehayes
is this an autoimmune disease?
the cat is several months old. from the start she had this problem but with time it got worse. it...More
Posted by darkodarkodarko
6 month old puppy dies at the animal hospital.
Gizmo was the love of my life. I was there at the morning that he was born. He was tiny but healthy. Loving...More
Posted by An_259044
Help with kitten!
My kitten swallowed a q-tip whole is she going to be ok??? I need some replys people! Give me your thoughts...More
Posted by An_259042

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My kitten swallowed a q-tip whole is she going to be ok??? I need some replys people! Give me your thoughts on this situation! It wasn't just a piece of a q tip or a chewed up Qtip it was a whole one! Is this going to digest? Will the stomach acid break down the Q tip and pass?
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Can a dog get pregnant weeks apart from the same f...
Our 10 year old Pom surprised us by having 4 puppies. My first thought was fear that she is too old to go...More
Posted by An_259044
Can a dog get pregnant weeks apart from the same f...
Our 10 year old Pom surprised us by having 4 puppies. My first thought was fear that she is too old to go...More
Posted by An_259044
My kitten swallowed a whole q tip
My kitten swallowed a q-tip whole is she going to be ok? I've seen her eat a piece of wire once and she was...More
Posted by An_259042
Dog eye discharge medication dosage
Vet prescribed Tobramycin & Remend eye drops for my lab's eye discharge and inflammation. Do I have to...More
Posted by caseyla
my dog
my dog is loosing hair and is itching what could be wrong
Posted by momocam
american bulldog with red eyes and mouth
I noticed right before bed that my dog's eyes were swollen and red. He was also very red around the mouth....More
Posted by An_258929
Dog eats hair off butt and pits of front back legs...
Hello,[br>My name is Ted Nicewander. I'm watching my friends dog. I have known this dog for 5 years and...More
Posted by tnicetnice
Happy National Dog Day!
For all those dog lovers out there, what's one (I know, I know, it's almost impossible to pick just one)...More
Posted by atti_editor
Sudden loud squealing
I have a 3 year old pit mix who has recently starting squealing LOUDLY and running around at completely...More
Posted by jlauren43
white foamy substance
HI - Our 10month old King Charles Cavalier the past couple of mornings throws up a white foamy substance....More
Posted by butterflyrac
Fur Problem
I have an indoor 9 year old cat. We have a screened in porch and my sister has dogs that go out and we...More
Posted by thunderbird816
Rash on belly and legs of my DOG
She does not have fleas She has had for about 2 weeks and she seems to bite at her self.I have looked...More
Posted by savvymatthew
kidney failure?
11 yr old female beagle was tested 4 months ago for frequent urination. Results were low concentration and...More
Posted by lillydog10


Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM, is an associate veterinarian at Laguna Hills Animal Hospital, Laguna Hills, Calif. She specializes in companion animal medicin...More

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How to Get Your Cat in a CarrierExpert
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