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Dog scratching neck, and coughing
GSP...eight y/o...eating and drinking well, and looks heavier..Not choking ..but he trying to...More
Posted by hencha
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HELP! Dog collapses, yelps, and sometiimes urinate...
Yes. My 13 year old Shih-Tzu lately, for the past week, has daily (sometimes 2-4 times a day) suddenly...More
Posted by 07ccupples
Includes Expert Content
Cat Dehydration and Kidney Damage
How long can a cat go without water before damage to the nephrons in the kidneys occurs? My cat had...More
Posted by elizabeth_1
Includes Expert Content
Dog with swollen lymph nodes, clear blood test and...
I've got a health scare problem with my dog, most of his lymph nodes are swollen and the vets I had visited...More
Posted by An_254746
Very strong odor from male dog
I recently adopted a two year old male Red Tick Hound from the local Humane Society. About two weeks...More
Posted by williamsmith162
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Husky with bare leg in the cold weather
My Siberian Husky loves the outdoors (duh). She has a dog door to go to the fenced in backyard and deck. We...More
Posted by huskyparent
Vaccination Schedule for PUppy
Posted by An_254713

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Are Cheerios safe for feeding your dog?
I have a 8 month old male Toy Pomeranian and when he stayed at my friends house while I was on vacation he...More
Posted by will07
Need help with how to care for puppy with birth de...
We just received a beshon puppy this past weekend who's 2 front legs are much shorter than his rear legs. I...More
Posted by billpolley
Analgesics for dogs
I have a 14 year old English setter who I juried his shoulder yesterday in the snow/ice. What over the counter...More
Posted by kev123
Includes Expert Content
I have an 11 month mini aussie. The last 2 days he's had a light brown/off yellow diarrhea. He threw up...More
Posted by heathbrenan
How long can a puppy fast?
I have a 14 week old pup. He has been having some intestinal/digestive issues. Specifically he swallowed...More
Posted by marleyrott
Overweight &Fuzzy eater
My dog does not want to eat his crunchies by themselves,I must put some meat or veggies for him to eat them....More
Posted by chappy08

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Osteo bi flex for dogs
Hi, I rescued a min pin last year who the vet guesses is about 5 years old. The poor guy was hit by a car...More
Posted by mitch398
Vectra 3D - Torture in a Tube
Just found flea evidence on one of our Bichons. Was told by our vet that Frontline Plus is losing...More
Posted by timbeaverdamwi
Vectra reaction
DO NOT USE this product. My 18 week old puppy now has severe neurological problems which started 1-2 days...More
Posted by lgrinaski
Includes Expert Content
I think my dog broke his toe...
My dog started limping yesterday morning and walking on three legs. It's his left back leg. I think his outer...More
Posted by pandadub
Includes Expert Content
dog kicking gulping
I am up at 2 am. Woke up by my dog sounding like she is choaking. Gulping, licking the air. She had gas...More
Posted by greeneyedglow
Gugiling noises in my dog's stomach?
My almost two year old Pomchi woke me up early this morning, His tummy was growling pretty loudly, he...More
Posted by ilovemypomchi
Three Year Old Golden Lays Down During Play
I'm concerned about my three-year-old golden retriever who lays down in the middle of play (during cold or...More
Posted by gordonkess
Includes Expert Content
Grooming, weight gain and newly adopted
I adopted my new kitty in July and since then I have sold my home and moved into a new one. I noticed him...More
Posted by dlsmithy
Foster dog shows unusual aggression
Hello, First off - thank you for reading this! Your energy is appreciate. I am fostering a wonderful...More
Posted by An_254569
My dog will only eat puppy chow
My boxer/bulldog just turned 1yr old and wont eat anything but purina puppy chow , I have tried her on a lot of...More
Posted by ticker2
Includes Expert Content
Out of Remission?
Hi My almost-7 year old was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma last March. We found out he had t-cell, and...More
Posted by An_254554
Includes Expert Content
feline baldness
My otherwise healthy 7 year old male cat developed a small bald patch near his ear. No redness or wound. He...More
Posted by ladymera1
Includes Expert Content
Tea tree oil
I treated my dog with Tea tree oil on his ears however I didn't dilute it. Many hours later he won't...More
Posted by janiehartman69
Includes Expert Content
The licking noise...
Hey all, Looking for some tips, tricks (anything really!) to deal with my issue. I'm a proud dog-mom to...More
Posted by katiep1081
Includes Expert Content
puss filled mass
Help! 2 nights ago I noticed a large ball size mass under my 5yr old yellow labs top nipple. Tonight it is...More
Posted by An_254468
canine heart disease More
Posted by An_254457
Includes Expert Content
Feline Diabetes: Monitoring Blood Glucose Levels
One of my cats, Anna, was recently diagnosed with feline diabetes. She's the first cat I've ever had who's...More
Posted by ninjakitty86


William Draper, DVM, better known as "Dr. Will," is a well-known small animal practitioner in the Atlanta, GA area. He grew up in Inglewood,...More

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Just feed them ?
I caught my dog frantically licking the floor in the middle of the night last night. I took her outside and she started eating dry leaves ... More
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