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Yorkie isn't acting like her self! advice needed
My 7 year old yorkie all of a sudden stopped acting like her normal happy self, she is about 3 and a...More
Posted by chandlerrayborn
Need help with my 6yr old Newfoundland
My 6yr old newf has been pooping in his kennel the past 2 or 3 weeks. The poop is a greenish/brown colour,...More
Posted by breanna_jake
13.5 yr old husky losing ability to use her hind l...
I have a husky that has not been able to walk on her hind legs for any length of time. Last weekend it was...More
Posted by hskyownr6
Bumpy Dog
I have a 15 year old lab who has many lumps and bumps of varying sizes. The vet checks them regularly, but we...More
Posted by lr218
Tummy Ache Dog
My dog always vomits in the car. She loves going places but vomits every time, even if only riding for 10...More
Posted by An_258678
is it dangerous for my dog to get a rabies injection he is coming up to 20 years old he has never had in i...More
Posted by An_258673
is it dangerous for my dog to get a rabies injection he is coming up to 20 years old he has never had in i...More
Posted by An_258673
Cat vomiting bile and sudden swollen eye
My female cat is around 8-9 y/o, and about a week ago she started vomiting bile in small amounts, so I...More
Posted by An_258662
benign tumor
hi my cat has a benign tumor and had 2 surgeries done and it keeps coming back it was analyzed as...More
Posted by nadiadewinter
Hot Spots on Mini Goldendoodle
My miniature goldendoodle was diagnosed with a hot spot on his tail last week. The vet shaved around the hot...More
Posted by nikielmore
Vectra 3D
I recently switched to Vectra when Frontline was no longer effective for my 7 yr. old Wheaten. After the third...More
Posted by ann6337
I want any tips or suggestions? Please
HeLp I want to train my cat to use the toilet seat .. how can i do it ??More
Posted by carlla
Sick Cat Unable To Take To Vet
My cat has become unresponsive to her food I have tried changing it. I have tried salmon, chicken cat treats egg...More
Posted by hmiii
13 year old Beagle with heart problems
Yesterday at the vet, my dog was put on two meds for her heart (furosemide and Enalapril Maleate). My dog is...More
Posted by my2boys99
My 5 month old boxer loosing hair
I received a Boxer at 5 months old. Original owner purchased her in May he died in June. I was fostering till...More
Posted by An_258575
Does canned food turn red at night
It's probably nothing, but it could be a problem. I give my 2 cats Friskies canned food, different flavors in...More
Posted by cindigal
Cold Ears
Although it's the middle of summer, my puppy's ears have been cold to the touch for 2-3 days now. He is not...More
Posted by An_258573
Dog died suddenly
Yesterday I saw a perfectly health looking dog happily frolicking through the street. He wasn't a stray...More
Posted by An_258551
my cat suck on my nipples
my cat 2 months old i feel sorry for her because she was weaned from her mother to early she is continuously...More
Posted by carlla
I think my shih tzu got stung!!?
I was throwing her new toy in the yard and she went and got it but before bringing it back up the stairs I...More
Posted by ctopmissy
WebMD's 2014 Health Heroes
Who should win the People's Choice Award this year? Cast your vote here from a list of celebrities who...More
Posted by atti_editor
My Dog Andie Needs An Operation
Hello, My name is Christian and the picture above is of my brother and my dog Andie. Andie has a...More
Posted by dogloverchris
Customary charges
My dog is scheduled for a cyst removal. She had the same operation 2 years ago and I was charged 320.00...More
Posted by An_258504
Customary charges
My dog is scheduled to have a cyst removed. She had one removed 2 years ago and the doctor charged 320.00...More
Posted by 58penny
My Yorkie's back paw pads are peeling because she ...
My Yorkie compulsively rubs her back paws on the pavement. She really pushes them out hard and turns in a...More
Posted by anniesonshine
No diagnosis of 7 year old beagle in pain
Hello, about three weeks ago my dog suddenly started showing signs of being in pain. At first, we thought it...More
Posted by rbell2390
Canine Lymphoma diet
Our 8 year old Scottie was just diagnosed with Lymphoma. I am looking into the best diet for him during...More
Posted by kathiemcg
Cat hair loss
About a year ago we found out that our cat did not respond well to fleas. He would develop several scabs and...More
Posted by jdkandme
My cat has hookworms, what do I do?
My cat is 10 months old and has hookworms. I can't afford to go to the local vet as prices for just a...More
Posted by cptfailurebest
Obese Cat
We adopted our neighborhood stray. Our guess is that he's about 7yrs old. He was pretty beat up and thin when...More
Posted by sschi164


Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM, is an associate veterinarian at Laguna Hills Animal Hospital, Laguna Hills, Calif. She specializes in companion animal medicin...More

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