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Joined: 03/17/2011
My Story:
I work for a mail order pharmacy. I'm that person who helps find where your medications are, gets you to a pharmacist when you have questions, helps refill medications, and explains copays and deductibles. That's what I do in my days, and I like helping people. I believe that everyone can and should be of help to someone or something, at some time.

The practice of medicine, for all types of animals including humans, fascinates me. I came to WebMD out of boredom and stayed because of the wealth of good information that can be found here. I learn something new every day I come here. I also have a small community called "The Healing Fire."

What I Like:
Authors: Leo Tolstoy, James Herriot, Tom Clancy, Diane Duane, Anne McCaffrey, Wendy and Richard Pini, Piers Anthony, Tolkein, Heinlein, quite a few others.

Movies/TV: I think I used to watch those... um, Star Wars?

Music: Oldies, Folk, Classical, Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Techno.

Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, chasing cats, raising virtual horses, admiring rocks, one on one roleplaying.

Other: Caffeine is tasty.

What Inspires Me: The stars. They are so vast, just the thought that when I look up at the night sky I am also looking millions of years back through time, the thought of standing on this little blue spinning marble out in the sea of the universe reminds me of who and what I am. Now, if I could only step OFF this marble from time to time!

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Reply: my cat suck on my nipples
The cat's suckling may stimulate lactation. It would take a while and a lot of...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: My Yorkie's back paw pads are peeling because she ...
I wonder if plastic bags tied (not too tightly) around her paws would help, combined with...More
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Reply: shih zhu eating her feces
Might not be the food, could be a behavior issue. Have you had her all her life?...More
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Reply: continuing diarrhea
It depends on if the dosing is too high or not. I know that I get diarrhea on...More
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Reply: shih zhu eating her feces
Dogs are scavengers, some of them want to eat poop for that reason. Some dogs want to...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: continuing diarrhea
Antibiotics can cause diarrhea in dogs just as it can in humans. It usually happens...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: cat behavior
I already gave you an answer. She might be. If she is, it isn't hurting her, and plenty...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: Feline Lower Urinary Tract disease
Some cats are really sensitive and others not so much. You want to look at the ash...More
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Reply: Anal problem.
If her anus is completely closed she will need surgery as soon as possible. Is she...More
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Reply: female spayed cat masturbation
She could be. Some cats still display sexual behavior even after they are spayed or...More
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