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Controlling Fleas in Your Home
Got fleas in your home? That's easy to fix. Just move. No. Just kidding. ...More
Reply: Food Allergies in Pets
Usually when they smell I think of yeast - but typically they are itching. I...More
Ringworm and Your Pets
Is ringworm really a worm? No. Actually, ringworm is a group fungus that feeds...More
Flea-Resistant Pets?
There are NO dog or cat breeds that are completely resistant to fleas. Some...More
Reply: Diseases You Can Not Get From Your Pet
Great information. Thanks for the clarification.
Reply: Food Allergies in Pets
I am so glad your pet is doing better. Finding the right food can be a long...More
Food Allergies in Pets
"My pet scratches all year long!" This is a common complaint I get at my...More
Diseases You Can Not Get From Your Pet
While there are many zoonotic diseases -- diseases your pets can have and give...More
Fleas and Your Other Pets
You may be wondering if you have pets that are not cats or dogs, do you need to...More
Reply: How to Remove a Tick from Your Pet
I probably would not use bleach because it can be so irritating to the skin. Try...More

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