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100% cured
My son had a high fever every 13 days for almost 2 years. Five doctors misdiagnosed him. I finally did my...More
Posted by sonnett1234
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New in pfapa
Hi, I'm 21 years old, im from Chile, and last year I started with pfapa syntoms. Right now, im having an...More
Posted by appfapa
Reply: Irregular fevers
Hi I just noticed this board. My son is 18 yrs old now and in college. He was diagnosed with PFAPA back when...More
Posted by dcameron
Reply: PFAPA Syndrome
I just came across this post and I am wondering the same thing. I think you are on to something. How did...More
Posted by sunnsnow20
Reply: PFAPA
My daughter had her tonsils removed a month after being diagnosed with PFAPA. She was fever free for 14...More
Posted by blakey84
Reply: Helena's Pfapa story! Help!!!
Lor I can tell you this after the surgery she it was ruff and a fight with her to get her to take meds or...More
Posted by galamb0913
I have my own theory about PFAPA. It sounds crazy but it reminds me of a menstrual cycle. My daughter has...More
Posted by lorrainemia
Reply: Do you know anyone that suffers from PFAPA syndrom...
Wow...this is exactly what we are going through right now, but I didn't even think about the molars. Our 7 yr...More
Posted by emily35rn
Reply: We have had success with a chiropractor
Hello Caseyjdoyle, I came across your post when i was looking online for PFAPA remedies. I am just curios to...More
Posted by mylilbaby
Reply: Pfapa
After 17 months, of my daughter suffering from Periodic Fevers, 4 different doctors, 5 ER visits. We finally have...More
Posted by azlzv
PFAPA Research and Information has a lot of resources for the different fever syndromes, including PFAPA.
Posted by ararauna
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Hi , Thanks for your story I love happy endings . My grandson started getting fevers at 4 months old and now...More
Posted by An_257798
Tonsillectomy cured my 4 year old granddaughter. D...
Tonsillectomy cured my four year old granddaughter. The medical data is clear that this is a cure for...More
Posted by bostongrandma
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Reply: Pfapa BACK minus the fever? Could it be?
My son is 12. He was diagnosed at age 7. It started to taper, but it is back with a 6 week interval. I am...More
Posted by terimj
pfapa help
My daughter is 6 1/2. She had rsv and pneumonia at just under a year of age. since then she has had...More
Posted by momfor5myersgirls
Reply: PFAPA and Eosinophilic GI disorders
My 7 year old has had fevers since November and was just diagnosed w/ PFAPA. She was actually tested for...More
Posted by An_253484
I hope someone here can give me some support/help. My son is 6 years old and has been sick since he...More
Posted by RavenandMelsMommy
Reply: Found a way to eliminate my daughter's PFAPA
Could you give me the name of this chiropractor? We live near that area and I would like my son to see him. He...More
Posted by DeannWC
Reply: Wondering if my son has pfapa
We dealt with PFAPA for two years with my son. His first fever was at 24 days old. We went to every...More
Posted by MommyHoover
PFAPA and Eosinophilic GI disorders
My 8 year old was diagnosed with PFAPA 3 years ago when she was 5. She has been having severe stomach aches...More
Posted by mjrivera
My 15 yr old grand-daughter was diagnosed with pfapa as an infant after too many tests on her tiny body. Her...More
Posted by grammaof9
Reply: 22 years of PFAPA
Hi there, I hope you still check and read this post. I just want to share a little of my stories with you both...More
Posted by Fver14
Reply: Fevers undiagnoised
One more thing. He gets cronic sinus infections, like every few weeks completely unrelated to the fevers....More
Posted by mommaculley
Reply: new diagnosis
My son was 4 when he started with fevers and got them regularly about every 21 days for a year until he was...More
Posted by D1001
A very desperate mom...
My 5 year-old-son has been very sick for four years now. He is blood transfusion dependent, suffering...More
Posted by Bravelittlegabe
Reply: exhausted
Hi Bcoby, I can relate to everything you have written. My son just turned 20 months old and we have been...More
Posted by MommyHoover
Reply: Remission??
Dear Disney I am wondering what has happened with your son's voice in the last 2 weeks. This is...More
Posted by Concernedmom1234
A group run by a RN Mom of a Child with PFAPA
A Yahoo group, with about 1500 members, dedicated to PFAPA.
Posted by An_220603
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Ask your physician if your child could have PFAPA
If your child suffers from periodic high fever at intervals of about 3—5 weeks, accompanied by a sore...More
Posted by An_220596
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PFAPA Syndrome (periodic fevers with aphthous stom...
Article from about PFAPA syndrome...
Posted by An_220602
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Ask your physician if your child could have PFAPA
If your child suffers from periodic high fever at intervals of about 3—5 weeks, accompanied by a sore throat, mouth ulcers, or ... More
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