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shingles & after
I was diagnosed with shingles a month ago. i only had a couple of spots from the back shoulder blade to just...More
Posted by An_259600

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Does anyone have an all over pain that feels like a sunburn from the after effects of shingles?
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Reply: Shingles pain
I'm am experiencing the same thing. I have been prescribed medication for nerve pain. Between doses I find a...More
Posted by lunamoody
First time for Shingles
Hi there, I developed some 'bites' or so I thought last week on my side but after taking my daughter...More
Posted by charliebrown2014
Reply: inner ear issues after shingles
Hummingbird.... I'm 49 and have just been diagnosed with shingles by my right hip bone also. ... I've...More
Posted by purplehayes6503
postherpetic neuralgia at night
My PNH seems to get worse when I lay down. Not sure why its happening?More
Posted by alia22
Testimonials for Shingles Vaccine
I'm a Casting Director in New York City and I am looking for people who have suffered from shingles who...More
Posted by castingdirector
Reply: I'm 40 years old why can I not get the shingles s...
gilleyrich i agree we should be offered the shot.if insurance wont cover it then we should have the...More
Posted by sharonamartinez
Reply: PHN and nausea
Yes, Nausea and vomiting, not associated with taking drugs.
Posted by Nina007
Need Ideas for pain relief
I have had this pain in my back and on my side from Post herpectic Neuralgia for almost 5 years. I have been...More
Posted by RoseMarieS
postherpetic neuralgia suffering
I am a victim of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome-Type II, a rare neurological disorer with postherpetic neuralic...More
Posted by markwilson3578
2 weeks ago my fiance started having headaches that wouldn't go away, he had them morning and night. A week...More
Posted by kakieann
Neurofencine for PHN? *Anything* for PHN?
Hi all, I am a strange case. I am 24 (23 at time of diagnosis) and had shingles in December of 2009. I am...More
Posted by AKParham
twitching from shingles
I just posted a discussion about shingles in my inner ear 2 years ago and its after effects and forgot to ask...More
Posted by An_220465

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