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PHN and Total Hip Replacement
I continue to have severe PHN 4 years after a nasty case of shingles that wrapped around the right side of my...More
Posted by An_264113
Nerve Surgery - Anyone have the Nerve killed with ...
Nerve Surgery - Anyone have the Nerve killed with a shot to kill the pain ? I heard this is drastic but maybe a...More
Posted by jack_t
Reply: inner ear issues after shingles
Me too, Nerves to the brain must be blocked/impaired along with nerves in spine to side with the neuralgia , I'm...More
Posted by jack_t
shingles & after
I was diagnosed with shingles a month ago. i only had a couple of spots from the back shoulder blade to just...More
Posted by An_259600

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Does anyone have an all over pain that feels like a sunburn from the after effects of shingles?
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Reply: Shingles pain
I'm am experiencing the same thing. I have been prescribed medication for nerve pain. Between doses I find a...More
Posted by lunamoody
First time for Shingles
Hi there, I developed some 'bites' or so I thought last week on my side but after taking my daughter...More
Posted by charliebrown2014
postherpetic neuralgia at night
My PNH seems to get worse when I lay down. Not sure why its happening?More
Posted by alia22
Testimonials for Shingles Vaccine
I'm a Casting Director in New York City and I am looking for people who have suffered from shingles who...More
Posted by castingdirector
Reply: I'm 40 years old why can I not get the shingles s...
gilleyrich i agree we should be offered the shot.if insurance wont cover it then we should have the...More
Posted by sharonamartinez
Reply: PHN and nausea
Yes, Nausea and vomiting, not associated with taking drugs.
Posted by Nina007
Need Ideas for pain relief
I have had this pain in my back and on my side from Post herpectic Neuralgia for almost 5 years. I have been...More
Posted by RoseMarieS
postherpetic neuralgia suffering
I am a victim of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome-Type II, a rare neurological disorer with postherpetic neuralic...More
Posted by markwilson3578
2 weeks ago my fiance started having headaches that wouldn't go away, he had them morning and night. A week...More
Posted by kakieann
Neurofencine for PHN? *Anything* for PHN?
Hi all, I am a strange case. I am 24 (23 at time of diagnosis) and had shingles in December of 2009. I am...More
Posted by AKParham
twitching from shingles
I just posted a discussion about shingles in my inner ear 2 years ago and its after effects and forgot to ask...More
Posted by An_220465

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