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Introduction from North Carolina USA
Greetings, I am 43 years old and confirmed today that I am "unexpectedly expecting" with due date of January...More
Posted by zingst
If it did not start as heredity, can it now be pas...
I developed vitiligo (immune disorder that effects the skin pigment) after a VERY stressful time in my...More
Posted by guineveretx
2nd C-Section
It's been 26 days since my wife's 2nd C-Section and she noticed 2 days ago green puss and swelling in the...More
Posted by honda113
46 years old and over 80 days late
Hi, friends. I feel kind of ridiculous asking this question, because I'm old and wise enough to know the...More
Posted by An_260061
Pregnant at 38 with #2 after 2 miscarriages
Ok so here it is... Im really needing some advice. I have a son who is almost 6. My first miscarriage occurred...More
Posted by mms428
Can't believe this is happening
Hello, I just found out I am pregnant!!! 4 wks ago I was trying to be cool and ride my 7yr old son's BMX...More
Posted by omgprego39
35 and Trying for baby #2
I'm looking for some thoughts/opinions from anyone who's knows about this or who has dealt with it before. I...More
Posted by Anon_4741
I am 36 and trying
Hi Ladies i am trying to fall pregnant... according to the ovulation calendar my expected period was supposed to...More
Posted by rorsha
I'm 44 and just learned I'm expected a baby!
I took a home test this week and learned that at the age of 44 I've conceived a baby ...... natuarally! I...More
Posted by flawlessdd225
how much is the chance .....?
my wife,s age is 50+ she recently asks me having sex but using no condom no pills . she believes that bec......More
Posted by gentle1954
is it possible?
my wife is 50+ asked me to have sex with her but no condom or pills . how much is the bad chance of her to...More
Posted by gentle1954
Spotting... And Freaking Out.
It's not alot of spotting (just a few drops pooled into the size of a quarter), but I'm still freaking out....More
Posted by csvochatzer
First U/S, Measuring 1 week smaller than expected
I was expecting to be 7 weeks pregnant but the technician said the baby is measuring 5 weeks, 6 days. The...More
Posted by csvochatzer
Sciatica, Leg Pain & 4 months Preggers w/2nd child
I am 40 yo & I am suffering this pregnancy. Not sure if it is because of my already bad back, but from...More
Posted by bcstephens
39 and trying to get pregnant
I turned 39 today and trying to get pregnant. I am very scared whether i will get pregnant or not. I will be...More
Posted by An_256260

Spotlight: Member Stories

My DH and I are 36-yrs old and excited to be having another child. We thought we were finished, but we are just got news otherwise. Our DD (4), is the...More

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