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38 Trying to have another child and frustrated
I am 38 years old and have a 2 1/2 year old (who we conceived 1 month after being on progesterone to...More
Posted by Felixx2013
stressed about getting prego
im 38 soon to be 39. my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. its been a struggle like none other. I had...More
Posted by deedee43
Advise to getting pregnant at 40
Hi I'm turning 40 in a few days and planning on getting pregnant within these next two months. I've been...More
Posted by An_252944

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Pregnant at 40? Help
worry and scared
I have a question. 4yrs ago I had my youngest child and she'll 5 yrs old in march this coming year. I always...More
Posted by maryl36
suffering from PUPPP
Hi I am 23 weeks and have been told that I have PUPPP. It is a horrible itchy rash that only pregnant women...More
Posted by Anon_59335
39 and pregnant
We are so very excited to be pregnant! We are scared to death but absolutely joyful that we were finally...More
Posted by TeddiBearMomma
I have 6 more days before I can test but wanted to get some opinions if I could. I'm 12DPO & I'm having...More
Posted by Nett19116
Miscarriage at 40
I have 2 healthy children and decided to have another. My son is 10 from a previous marriage and my daughter is 2...More
Posted by jas73
should i get flu shot
Hi everyone, I am 39 years old expecting my second child. My doctor wants me to get a flu shot. I have not...More
Posted by francesb703
First steps to conceiving at 38
Hello everyone! I decided a forum like this will be a great opportunity for support along this journey. My...More
Posted by lemoga
could i be pregnant?
I'm 44 and my husband and i would love to have a child together and have been trying for 8 months now. Well i...More
Posted by pattiec
How do I know for sure?
As someone who goes back and forth on the issue of motherhood, I'm seeking input. Does anyone know for...More
Posted by 2beornot2beamom
Should I be worried?
Not sure anyone will see this or respond but I just needed someone to know. I started spotting Thursday...More
Posted by figureskater24
am I being selfish?
Hi ladies I will be 38 Monday and am wanting to have another baby before I get to old for more. I have...More
Posted by guitarmomof3
I am 42 and want to get pregnant
I have reserves about it because I am scared of Down's Syndrome but this is my second marriage and I have two...More
Posted by wndyhllr
Preganant and Missing Mom (Anyone else in this sit...
Hello everyone ~ I found out I am pregnant for my first time, and my husband and I are overwhelmed with joy and...More
Posted by Mellee
should i be worried
Hi ladies, I am 39 years old and 7 weeks pregnant. Today I noticed after using the bathroom a white jelly...More
Posted by Anon_59335
First time mother
This is my first time being pregnant and I'm still learning a lot. I'm 25 weeks and belly is really big and...More
Posted by An_250158
36 years old bearutiful woman
I work at the university of Washington, and I ma a full time student. I am not in a relationship, but I want...More
Posted by An_250148
42 pregnant and embarrassed
I'm 42 and pregnant. I have 3 daughters ages 22 19 and 14. I found out when I was 3 months along. My...More
Posted by An_250072
Too old to be pregnant?
I'm 45 and a mother of 5, youngest child is 7. I've also got a 5 year old grandchild. I've just discovered...More
Posted by An_250067
going 40 this year
I am 39 planning to be pregant in the next 5 months. i just start taking Vitamins Folic ,and 3 more vits and...More
Posted by An_250035
high risk for down syndrome, trisomy 18 and 13
Hi all- I am 35 years old, 12wks prego and am waiting for cvs test results to confirm if the fetus has down...More
Posted by An_249955
Possible Pregnancy
I am 44 years old, been married for 9 years. I just started tracking ovulation and fertile days. My last...More
Posted by Deeneese
Could I be pregnant?
I have been on birth control pills for a few yrs and recently there was a 1 week gap from the end of my...More
Posted by An_249529
Introduction: Jessica 37 years old, 28 weeks 5 day...
Hello Mothers to be! Im Jessica Im 37 years old and expecting my 3rd baby boy! Ive been through a divorce and...More
Posted by reddawn75
Fetus has Mosaic Turner Syndrome
I am almost 20 weeks pregnant and through amniocentesis found that the baby has 45,X [2> /46,46XX[15>...More
Posted by Clodagh
Fetus has Mosaic Turner Syndrome
I am almost 20 weeks pregnant and through amniocentesis found that the baby has 45,X [2> /46,46XX[15>...More
Posted by Clodagh

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After years of the Doctors telling me I wouldn't have a baby due to female troubles and since 2001 my diabetes. I had a surprise baby 5/24/2009. I...More

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genetic testing and ultrasounds
to all 35+ moms, I was 38 when I received the fabulous news I was expecting, and 39 upon delivery. my blood work came back elevated and i ... More
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