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36 yo and LMP 5/8/12, could I be pregnant?
36 yo, w/ thyroid disease, and only 1 fallopian tube and LMP was 5/8. I want to test tomorrow but still...More
Posted by briselida
Glad I found this Community
I will turn 43 next month and have a 3 yr old little boy. He will turn 4 in October. Hy husband works p/t...More
Posted by Reace102308
Almost 38 single and starting to worry about it be...
I am very happy with everything about my life and I'm ok being single until I meet the right guy, but I do...More
Posted by kauaishell
I m 35 years with 10 weeks pragnant.
Thanks for let me join this community.
Posted by DANITA20
Expat mom to be
Hello all, I am 43 and newly pregnant for the 1st time, if the ept test is accurate. I'm still having...More
Posted by Simonewrites
39 and pregnant
really don't know where to start here i am 38 will be 39 in august should have started my period around the...More
Posted by traceynic
7.5 weeks and no heartbeat
I went for my ultrasound today and was told there was no heartbeat. I am not ready to schedule the D&C...More
Posted by cpartida
iwill be 37 this may.My last period was mid-feb..Having frequent urination and dizziness.Last night,had...More
Posted by An_244978
Trying for baby at 37
I was just wondering if any of you can give me tips for trying to get pregnant at 37 with irregular...More
Posted by TanyaLynn1975
37 and trying for #2
hi everyone! this is our first month trying for babe #2 and we're so excited. m/c in 1992 and in...More
Posted by 08mommytryingagain
Pregnant at 42
Afternoon Ladies! Never thought I would have the opportunity to join this community, but I found out this...More
Posted by 4china
Hi. I'm 43 and my last normal period was december 28th. I always have a 28 day cycle but in january i was 3 days...More
Posted by gipek
43 yo and 5 week pregnant
my youngest child is going to be 22 this year, it has been a long time...i catch myself worrying about every...More
Posted by terismith
45 yrs old with 20 yr old child...could i be pregn...
well, i haven't had a period since 1/18/2012...pregnancy test was negative but still no period. could i be...More
Posted by madamegloria
Risk of Down Syndrome
Hi All, I am 13 weeks pregnant with my third and turned 35 in December. I had level I u/s today and...More
Posted by Saba1977
Baby after preeclampsia
I have two older children. Healthy pregnancies full term. I remarried and my husband I welcome our first baby...More
Posted by An_243808
Pregnant AGAIN?? after tubal ligation!!!
I am 39yrs old and my husband and I just found out that we are expecting our fourth child.This baby was a...More
Posted by marcee816
Pregnant AGAIN?? after tubal ligation!!!
I am 39yrs old and my husband and I just found out that we are expecting our fourth child.This baby was a...More
Posted by marcee816
Tubal ligation: risks & benefits
I'm 42 & planning to have a tubal ligation after the birth of my 3rd child in April. I am insisting on...More
Posted by Suejoy42
Should I or shouldn't I
I am 48 and have wanted children for a long time but never found the right guy to be dad. Now I am with the...More
Posted by An_243482
Baby at 37-38?
I want to throw a few things out here and I'd like your opinions, please. I'm 37(hubby is same age) and I...More
Posted by babyharper13
Pregnant with second child!
Hello, my name is Monica. I am 37 years old and have a six year old daughter Danielle. I am pregnant with my...More
Posted by nycmommy
Hi Ladies
Just wanted to stop in and say hello. I just got my BFP today and we are so excited! This will be #3 for us....More
Renee (38) DH (43) DS1 10/01/08, DS2 06/20/10 6 lb, 19.5 and so beautiful! Our Father's Day baby :-)
Posted by ntherelng
Just curious.....
Has anyone of you gotten pregnant after having a laparoscopy done??
Posted by mslewis40
3 Recurrent Miscarriages at 36, no children
Has anyone gone on to have a successful pregnancy after 3 early recurrent pregnancy losses over 35 years of...More
Posted by AWhite75
Threatened miscarriage.
Im 9.5 weeks pregnant and had a heavy bleed yesterday. Ultrasound showed good heart tones and a still...More
Posted by Hooahhuney
Just found out I have Gestational Diabetes..:(
Hello, So I'm bummed! I'm 29 wks, I'm 37 yrs old and I had to do the 3 hour tolerance test and I...More
Posted by Expecting_babyboy
I am 45 years old
Hello my fellow Sistah's Well i been trying for 20 years to conceive and nothing all the dr's said we was...More
Posted by 174_230

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I lurked on the webmd message boards during my first pg, DD born 5-20-08. I used the pregnancy calendar and the other resources alot. When I got pg wi...More

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