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Baby at 37-38?
I want to throw a few things out here and I'd like your opinions, please. I'm 37(hubby is same age) and I...More
Posted by babyharper13
Pregnant with second child!
Hello, my name is Monica. I am 37 years old and have a six year old daughter Danielle. I am pregnant with my...More
Posted by nycmommy
Hi Ladies
Just wanted to stop in and say hello. I just got my BFP today and we are so excited! This will be #3 for us....More
Renee (38) DH (43) DS1 10/01/08, DS2 06/20/10 6 lb, 19.5 and so beautiful! Our Father's Day baby :-)
Posted by ntherelng
Just curious.....
Has anyone of you gotten pregnant after having a laparoscopy done??
Posted by mslewis40
3 Recurrent Miscarriages at 36, no children
Has anyone gone on to have a successful pregnancy after 3 early recurrent pregnancy losses over 35 years of...More
Posted by AWhite75
Threatened miscarriage.
Im 9.5 weeks pregnant and had a heavy bleed yesterday. Ultrasound showed good heart tones and a still...More
Posted by Hooahhuney
Just found out I have Gestational Diabetes..:(
Hello, So I'm bummed! I'm 29 wks, I'm 37 yrs old and I had to do the 3 hour tolerance test and I...More
Posted by Expecting_babyboy
I am 45 years old
Hello my fellow Sistah's Well i been trying for 20 years to conceive and nothing all the dr's said we was...More
Posted by 174_230
newly pregnant
Hello, my name is Nancy and I just took a pregnanct test this morning that came back positive. I am really...More
Posted by Nsdunn75
blocked tubes
im 36. my husband and i want a child together and i have no problem getting pregnant. i just continue to get...More
Posted by An_242285
Pains in my hands
I am 42 and pregnant for the 5th time. My boys are 21, 18, 15, & 13! I am very active & healthy...More
Posted by Glennboysmom
just when I thought it was never gonna happen....t...
...and without trying! went away for the weekend, and after disappointments the past 2 mos (had unusual...More
Posted by heartversushead
Are you currently pregnant and your DAUGHTER is AL...
Hello! My name is Alicia Arnold, I am a casting associate for a new docu-series and I wanted to share our...More
Posted by pmpdcasting
Blue team
Well you can count us on the blue team we had a baby boy on 11/9/11 he was born at 33 or 35 weeks (it depend...More
Posted by tldye519
Morning sickness already
Hello everyone, I wanted to know if anyone had advice on how to get through this. Its been 5 years since my...More
Posted by mls1174
Could I be pregnant.
I am 35 years old and have a 7 year old son. My husband and I had sex 3 times during the week when I was due to...More
Posted by jcbjal
trying to get pregnant
while taking meds for perimenapause and trying to get pregnant, do you need to stop taking them????
Posted by jurzygirl
Pregnant at 38 with my first and overweight
I am 15 weeks pregnant with my first and due 05/03/12. I am overweight and not showing yet and was wondering...More
Posted by An_241487
preganant at 41
Is there anybody who will give a birth at 42? I'm 41 right now but I'll be 42 at the time of delivery. R u...More
Posted by aquamareen
Keeping my fingers crossed
38 1/2 and keeping my fingers crossed right now! I'm somewhat irregular on my days so I'm giving myself a couple...More
Posted by agwhit
is anyone else 45 and pregnant i have some brown discharge im 6.5weeks and worried
Posted by babyagain45
Is ultrasound or blood work better indicator in Nu...
My wife is 37 and we were 12 weeks 5 days when she had a nuchal fold test test performed last week (ultrasound...More
Posted by cal2050
No children yet...
and I will be 35 in January.Is there really a higher risk for problems if I do get pregnant after 35? My...More
Posted by bscholz9206
I am a 38 year old grandma and just found out Im p...
Well my title probably says it all. I have two beautiful grandsons and was enjoying being a very young...More
Posted by jennymh03
New Test for High Risk Pregnancy
There is finally an alternative test to the "risky" amniocentesis. It's called Maternit21. It is a...More
Posted by jeffd67
Light Cycle, early signs, or possible trouble?
I'm 37, and wasn't trying, but can't tell if I had PMS symptoms or early pregnancy symptoms last week,...More
Posted by heartversushead
38 and Pregnant
I am 38 years old and found out today I am pregnant with my second child. I am newly divorced and have...More
Posted by NoelleMileski
CVS genetic testing
Hi Ladies, I have never posted in a forum such as this but my husband & I are not sure what to do. I am...More
Posted by An_240918
CVS genetic testing
Hi Ladies, I have never posted in a forum such as this but my husband & I are not sure what to do. I am...More
Posted by An_240918

Spotlight: Member Stories

The story I need to tell is the one about fighting infertility, through the two miscarriages and finally the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel-t...More

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genetic testing and ultrasounds
to all 35+ moms, I was 38 when I received the fabulous news I was expecting, and 39 upon delivery. my blood work came back elevated and i ... More
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