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DH and I have been TTC'ing since 2008. We stopped actively TTC'ing in mid-2009 after it was determined that it was unexplained IF so we figured we'd just let it go and if it ever happens, then it'll happen.

Currently, DH and I are preparing to renew our vows in November since we never had a real wedding. Everything is pretty much set but to our surprise, i ended up with a BFP on 8/31/11. It was by chance that I even tested when I was 3 days late. I have been known to be a week late occassionally. but after an extra FRER test I had in my drawer, I thought I'd check anyway.

We are very happy for this miracle but we're still very cautious. I came back here because of all the support I've had previously on the TTC 6 & 12 month board. I'm very very happy to be here with you all.

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